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Learn Hebrew and start an unforgettable journey

Take a spiritual journey of a lifetime that will strengthen your connection with Israel and your roots

Learning a language is always a journey, and often times a spiritual one (photo: Courtesy)
Learning a language is always a journey, and often times a spiritual one (photo: Courtesy)

With eTeacher, learning Hebrew is so much more than learning just words, it’s about strengthening your connection with Israel, with your roots.

How it Works

eTeacher allows you to learn Hebrew from the comfort of your own home without losing out on all the great benefits of learning with a real live classroom. Each lesson in the course is done via a live video feed where you can interact with your teacher and classmates in real time. You are also given access to a teacher-student forum where you can ask questions after class or just chat with your new classmates. Hebrew is taught using the “Hebrew in Hebrew” method, which is the most effective teaching method and is the method used by the Ministry of Education to teach immigrants.

Learn More Than Hebrew

Learning Hebrew with eTeacher isn’t a boring monotone process where you simply memorize words and grammar rules. Our students are taught Hebrew while learning about the culture, people, and history in Israel. They are introduced to holidays unique to Israel and how the Jewish holidays they are celebrated differently in Israel. By the time they’re done, students don’t just speak a new language, they have a strong connection with Israel and their roots.

Join a Community

When a student joins a course, he/she joins other students from around the world who are at the same level and have similar goals. We’ve seen students make lifelong bonds with their classmates and teachers, and even plan trips together where they meet up in Israel! Most of our students stay connected even after class, through the teacher-student forum, email, Skype, and social networks. Our teachers are no exception and have often times met with their students in Israel when they came to visit. Joining a Hebrew course with eTeacher means joining a strong community of people who are on the same spiritual journey as you.

Learn from the Best

All of our teachers are in love with what they do and are passionate about the Hebrew language and everything connected to Israel. They are all qualified teachers, with teaching certificates and academic degrees and are highly experienced in teaching online.

Sign up to eTeacher today to start an unforgettable journey.