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Make 2014 the year you learn Hebrew!

Learn Hebrew online with eTeacherHebrew and receive a Land of Israel 2014 calendar as a joining gift!

eTeacher is the leading online provider of Hebrew instruction worldwide (photo:
eTeacher is the leading online provider of Hebrew instruction worldwide (photo:

You’ll always be aware of what’s happening in Israel with this great 2014 calendar, our gift to you when you join a Modern Hebrew course with eTeacherHebrew!

The calendar includes all Jewish, Christian and Civil holidays, with a glossary explaining their meaning. Each month you can you enjoy a beautiful picture of Israeli landscape or culture, with an accompanying quote from Scripture, Hebrew literature or Israeli history.

eTeacherHebrew grew out of humble beginnings just over a decade ago. Its founders, brothers Boaz and Yariv Bin Nun, followed in the footsteps of their grandfather, Aharon Rosen, bestselling author of Hebrew language textbooks and one of the founding fathers of Hebrew tuition for foreigners, a pioneer of the Ulpan program in early days of the State of Israel.

In the late 1960s, Rosen used radio – the most modern technology at the time – to traverse the Iron Curtain and reach Russian Jews with Hebrew lessons. With the emergence of television, he began broadcasting a weekly lesson, coast-to-coast in the United States. Yariv and Boaz were inspired and captivated by their grandfather’s story, his use of technology and by the deep admiration felt for him by so many. As it emerged in the later 1990’s the brothers saw the potential to use the internet to teach Hebrew.

In 2000, Yariv and Boaz launched eTeacher. The first few years were hard work; people were skeptical that anything could be learned via internet. In 2002, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted the company the project of founding the world’s first online Hebrew school. Employees’ children could finally learn to read, write and speak Hebrew correctly, despite growing up abroad and moving from country to country. Over a decade later, eTeacher has blossomed into the leading online provider of Hebrew instruction worldwide.

At eTeacherHebrew, we help you find the right course that works for you, based on your skill level, your schedule, your budget and your preference. We offer small classes via the latest video technology, where you can speak, be heard, be seen and really learn. Your student locker is your gateway to forums with teachers, students, 24/7 tech support and loads of supplementary content and learning materials for you to enjoy at your pace, in your space.

Make 2014 the year in which you connect with Israel, its people, its culture and its language.