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Ultraload Review [2023] – Do Semen Volume Pills Work?

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Nowadays, there are lots of supplements that claim to increase semen volume and optimize your performance, but not all of them work as promised. This review will introduce you to Ultraload, including what you can expect and how it compares to other supplements.

Quick Verdict

Ultraload is a dietary supplement that contains premium ingredients that may help to improve your sexual performance. Based on the formula’s ingredients, Ultraload may boost your libido, improve blood flow, and increase your semen volume.  

Ultraload has a clean label guarantee and has been third-party tested for safety and efficacy. That said, since this is a natural supplement, it may take time to absorb into your body for the effects to be noticeable.

With free shipping options available and a 100-day money-back guarantee, Ultraload may be worth trying if you are looking for a supplement to increase sexual pleasure.

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  • 100% natural formula
  • Only premium ingredients used
  • Clean label guarantee
  • Third-party tested
  • Helpful customer support that responds quickly
  • Free US shipping
  • Free worldwide shipping with orders of three boxes or more
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • The money-back-guarantee only applies to orders of more than one box
  • Consistent use is necessary to maintain results

What Is Ultraload?

Ultraload is more than just a regular male enhancement supplement. It doubles up as both a semen volume enhancer and sexual performance supplement, claiming to increase semen volume and sexual pleasure.

Ultraload was launched in 2021 and continues to be manufactured by Performance Naturals Ltd. Although it’s a UK-based company, they still ship all their products worldwide from the US.

How Ultraload Works

Ultraload uses a unique formula of 100% natural ingredients that promote your body’s natural ability to increase libido, blood flow, and semen quality. Below is a list of the ingredients and their dosages in Ultraload’s formula.

Black Maca (4:1 Extract) – 600mg

Black Maca is a dark-colored type of maca root that’s native to Peru. Sometimes, going by its Latin name Lepidium meyenii, Black Maca is widely believed to be a potent method of improving men’s libido, fertility, and stamina. More than that, some even claim that it’s able to support both testosterone levels and general sexual function.

Much research has been done on Maca to determine its efficacy. Many researchers agree that it may have a positive effect on sexual desire and male fertility and may even lead to an improvement in sperm motility and count.

L-Citrulline (Kyowa® Quality) – 500mg

Unlike Black Maca, you likely have traces of L-Citrulline in your body already. L-Citrulline is an amino acid your body produces naturally but can also be found in certain foods.

L-Citrulline is a vital ingredient in Ultraload’s formula, improving your blood flow to improve circulation and vasodilation. This may result in strengthening your erection and reducing erection issues.

Various studies support the notion that it may help with mild erectile dysfunction, with studies finding that it enhances erectile function and even improves sexual satisfaction.

Shilajit (Primavie®) – 200mg

Unlike many other ingredients in male enhancement pills, Shilajit isn’t grown from a plant, nor is it already naturally occurring in your body. It’s a sticky substance similar to tar sourced primarily from Himalayan rocks.

Research supports claims that Shilajit can improve testosterone levels. This can enhance sexual health and lead to better sperm quality, even in infertile men.

Pine Bark Extract (95% Proanthocyanidins)

As its name suggests, Pine Bark Extract is taken from the bark of Pinus pinaster, a maritime pine tree. Many have believed for some time that Pine Bark Extract effectively reduces oxidative stress and improves blood flow.

Studies support this theory, with many noting that Pine Bark Extract may enhance erectile strength as well as libido and sexual satisfaction.

Vitamin B6 (P-5-P) – 20mg

It’s common knowledge that vitamins are vital to everyday health, but certain B vitamins are particularly necessary for healthy sexual function as well. Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that benefits your body in numerous ways.

Amongst other effects, Vitamin B6 is a vital component in regulating. Various researchers have concluded that Vitamin B6 may improve testosterone production, leading to enhanced sexual health, vitality, and even libido in men.

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) – 240mcg

Scientifically known as Methylcobalamin, Vitamin B12 is another water-soluble vitamin that may benefit metabolism and nerve function. It also aids the body’s production of red blood cells.

Although there’s limited research to support how Vitamin B12 supports sexual health, these benefits contribute to increased energy and stamina levels, leading to improved sexual performance.


Above all other minerals, zinc is essential for sexual health. Although still necessary for various bodily functions, from immune support to healing wounds, it’s particularly important for sexual health. Studies have shown that Zinc could help improve sperm quality and male fertility.


Obtained from the black pepper fruit Piper nigrum, Bioperine® is a patented extract that enhances nutrient absorption. Bioperine® may help improve the effectiveness of other ingredients in Ultraload’s formula.

There are no studies that specifically look into how Bioperine® affects male sexual health; however, there is research that shows its ability to improve nutrient absorption. It was found that Bioperine®’s improved absorption rate enhances the effectiveness of various supplement formulas.

What Results Can You Expect?

The range of ingredients in Ultraload’s formula may cause several effects in your body. Regular supplementation may improve both libido and sexual satisfaction, as well as stamina and overall performance in bed.

These effects are mainly achieved by both improving blood flow for stronger erections as well as supporting testosterone production. Enhanced testosterone production can improve sperm count, motility, and overall sexual satisfaction.

Arousal is increased by a boosted libido thanks to Black Maca and Vitamin B6. This arousal is then intensified by Pine Bark Extract and L-Citrulline working together for increased blood flow and stronger erections.

Shilajit, Vitamin B6, and Zinc may support testosterone production. This also results in improved sperm quality, making it an ideal supplement for men looking to start a family.

It’s one thing to hear the theory behind the formula, but it’s different to hear from some of the men it’s helped. For example, Michael (55) has noticed larger ejaculations and notes his wife is particularly impressed. At the same time, Tony (38) says how Ultraload has led to some of the most intense orgasms of his life.

How Does Ultraload Compare to Other Brands on the Market?

Ultraload may be a popular male enhancement supplement that can improve a man’s sex life, but it’s far from the only one on the market. Two other popular supplements that promise to improve a man’s sexual health are Semenax and Volume Pills. So, how exactly does Ultraload compare?

Ultraload vs. Semenax

Both Ultraload and Semenax are popular brands that promise to increase

semen volume and improve other facets of sexual health. However, they still have a few differences that set Ultraload apart.

While Semenax is a more established brand, Ultraload is newer on the scene and more modern. Semenax’s formula contains more ingredients than Ultraload’s; however, most of these come in lower dosages. Ultraload, on the other hand, contains ingredients that are of a higher quality and come in effective dosages.

Semenax and Ultraload come in at similar prices, but Ultraload is cheaper when you use the discount code below.

Ultraload and Semenax allow you to try their products without risking your money. Semenax offers a 67-day money-back guarantee, while Ultraload lasts for 100 days, giving you the chance to try out three months of the supplement risk-free.

Ultraload vs. Volume Pills

Volume Pills is yet another male enhancement supplement that’s manufactured by the same company as Semenax.

However, one key difference between other supplements mentioned here is that Volume Pills contain a proprietary formula. This means the company behind Volume Pills doesn’t reveal the ingredients and dosages. This makes it impossible to know with any certainty which ingredients are included in their formula and whether the dosages are even effective.

On the other hand, Ultraload is clear and transparent regarding its formula. All ingredients and dosages are listed on the website and on the box.

Like Semenax, Volume Pills only has a 67-day money-back guarantee, making Ultraload’s 100-day guarantee more appealing to first-time users.

Where to Buy Ultraload and How Much Does It Cost?

It’s worth noting that Ultraload is only sold on their official website: We would recommend always purchasing this product directly from the manufacturer. While looking elsewhere for a better deal is tempting, the official website is the only way to guarantee a genuine, fresh, and safe product.

Fortunately, Ultraload isn’t too expensive compared to similar brands – especially considering its premium ingredients formula. And the more boxes you order at once, the better the value for money.

Packages start at $69 for one box, but you could purchase three boxes for $178 or six boxes for $297. Even better, a discount code below saves even more money.

Ultraload Coupon Codes

Although Ultraload offers good value, the best savings can be achieved when you purchase multiple boxes at once – the more you order, the bigger the savings.

But you can save 20% using the discount code “ULTRA20”.

Combining the discount code and ordering more boxes ensures you get Ultraload at the best value for money. Plus, with their 100-day money-back guarantee, your first purchase will be completely risk-free.

Ultraload FAQs

Any man interested in male enhancement supplements will no doubt research several before making a choice. So, below are some of the questions most men have when learning more about semen volume pills.

Is Ultraload Safe?

Yes, Ultraload is a natural supplement and safe for most men. It is third-party tested to ensure its safety, uses no unnecessary fillers or additives, and includes 100% natural ingredients. That said, natural supplements always have a small risk of side effects, and you should always consult your doctor before starting any new supplement regime.

Does Ultraload Require a Prescription?

No, Ultraload does not require a prescription. Since Ultraload is simply a dietary supplement, a doctor’s prescription is unnecessary. However, if you have any concerns or pre-existing health conditions, consult a doctor before starting your supplement regime.

What Is the Ultraload Dosage?

The recommended Ultraload dosage for best results is three capsules. These should be taken every morning with food and water.

Many men wonder if it’s possible to spread the capsules throughout the day instead of having them all in the morning, so we contacted the manufacturer to ask if this was possible.

According to the manufacturer, you can spread them out throughout the day. However, they wouldn’t recommend taking any late afternoon or evening; since they can increase energy, you might find it hard to sleep.

How Does the Money-Back Guarantee Work?

The 100-day money-back guarantee applies to all orders if you have purchased at least three boxes or more. This means you can use the supplement risk-free for up to three months.

If you’re not happy with the results after this period, you’re welcome to return any used and unused boxes to Ultraload for a full refund.

Can You Buy Ultraload in Stores Such As GNC, CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart?

It’s unlikely that you’ll find Ultraload in stores such as CVC or Walmart because Ultraload isn’t available in any store. That’s why we urge you to always buy from their official website to guarantee a genuine product and avoid potentially dangerous counterfeits.

Can You Buy Ultraload on Amazon or eBay?

While you won’t find Ultraload in stores, there’s a possibility you might see it being sold on Amazon or eBay. However, we would not recommend purchasing it from these sources.

If you see Ultraload sold on websites like Amazon or eBay, they won’t be official vendors, and you can’t be sure if you’ll receive a legitimate or even safe product. You can only ensure this if you buy directly from Ultraload’s official website.

Final Thoughts

Ultraload is a high-quality supplement produced and sold by a trusted brand. Thanks to its premium formula of ingredients, it may help to increase your libido, semen volume, and sexual pleasure.

It’s not an instant solution, but if you take the supplement daily, you should see results in a few weeks.

All orders come with free US shipping, and you can get free shipping worldwide with all orders of $100.

You can order Ultraload directly from the Official Website.


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