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Taken captive: Elkana Bohbot, young son asking, ‘Where’s Daddy?’

The 34-year-old was about to open an ice cream shop in Tel Aviv when captured by Hamas at the Supernova rave on October 7

Elkana Bohbot
Elkana Bohbot

The last time Elkana Bohbot’s family saw his face was in a Hamas video, tied up and on the floor, his face bloodied, a captive in Gaza.

Bohbot, 34, was at the Supernova desert rave on October 7, when Hamas terrorists launched an assault on the party, killing some 260 civilians and kidnapping dozens of others.

Bohbot had gone to the party with friends, and when sirens and news of the assault began spreading, he spoke to his wife and mother, telling them he was helping evacuate the wounded before heading home.

That was the last conversation anyone had with him. Hours later, the family found a video of Elkana, posted by Hamas on Telegram.

“We don’t know if he will live or die,” said his brother, Uriel Bohbot, in a video he posted on Facebook.

Elkana’s wife, Rivka, an immigrant from Colombia, and his three-year-old son, Reem, are at home, said Uriel Bohbot, waiting for Elkana to come home.

“His son is asking, ‘Where’s Daddy?'” said Uriel.

Elkana loves life, said his brother, along with dancing and friends, and was planning on opening a new ice cream store in Tel Aviv.

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