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Roni Polvanov, 23: Former IDF firefighter with ‘a pure heart’

Murdered by Hamas terrorists while trying to flee the Supernova music festival on October 7

Roni Polvanov (Credit: Facebook).
Roni Polvanov (Credit: Facebook).

Roni Polvanov, 23, from Ramle, was murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

He was considered missing for three days before his body was found, and he was buried on October 10 in the Ramle New Cemetery.

Polvanov is survived by his parents, Dima and Berta, as well as two brothers and one sister.

According to Israel’s Army Radio, Polvanov served as a firefighter stationed at Hazor Airbase in northern Israel during his mandatory IDF service. His friend Shimon Polatov wrote on Facebook that he took part in battles against fires started by incendiary balloons at the Gaza border in the past.

“Roni was an amazing guy. Funny, [but also] serious and professional… An excellent firefighter,” he wrote.

He added that, at Polvanov’s funeral, his firefighting squad commander said that “Roni connected people, helped, and respected everyone. I had the privilege of being his commander.”

Polvanov was part of a close-knit extended family, and his loss was felt sharply among his cousins.

“Since we lost you on that cursed day, October 7, 2023, everything seems less bright,” wrote one cousin, Mark Palvanov, in a memorial post online.

Another cousin, Tomer Simhaive, wrote a long eulogy for Polvanov on Facebook, describing their close relationship since early childhood.

“You were a loving person,” he wrote, “loved by everyone, whether in the neighborhood, school, the army, or work. You were always interested in everyone, always smiling and laughing.”

He also said that Polvanov loved music and dancing, and the two cousins would get paid to DJ at large events.

“I was the DJ, and you were my right-hand man. You loved [it], so I took you with me,” wrote Simhaive.

“I’m sure you fought until the last moment because that’s the kind of fighter you are,” said another cousin, Eden Polvanov. “I will always remember you with your beautiful smile and your pure heart.”

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