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Wartime Diaries: Lihi Lapid

The celebrated columnist and activist on the current war’s impact on special needs, feminism, her new book release, and being married to Yair Lapid

Lihi Lapid (Israel Story)
Lihi Lapid (Israel Story)

Lihi Lapid is a celebrated photojournalist, columnist and best-selling author – of children’s books, cookbooks and award-winning novels. She’s also married to Yair Lapid, the former Israeli Prime Minister and current leader of the government opposition.

In 2021 Lihi published “Zarot,” a sweeping tale that explores a complicated mother-daughter relationship, the tolls of immigration, and the reality of marginalized groups within Israeli society. When it came out, it received glowing praise, especially from the notoriously harsh critics at Haaretz who called the novel “a wonderful work written with restraint and wisdom.”

This spring, three years later and in what is an entirely different world, the English translation – “On Her Own” – was published by HarperCollins. We sat down to talk about October 7th, feminism, special needs, and what it’s like to have a major work of fiction – written by the former Prime Minister’s wife – come out in the middle of a war.

The end song is Hey Shketa (“Hey Quiet One”) by Ivri Lider. (Licensed by Israel Story through Acum.)

Produced in partnership with The Times of Israel.

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