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Niv Tel Zur, 22: Powerlifter who always carried a book with him

Murdered by Hamas while trying to flee the Supernova music festival on October 7

Niv Tel Zur (Courtesy)
Niv Tel Zur (Courtesy)

Niv Tel Zur, 22, from Ramat Gan, was murdered by Hamas terrorists while trying to flee the Supernova music festival on October 7.

According to his family, he attended the rave with his close friend Ido Peretz, and when the rocket fire began they tried to flee by car and were both murdered by Hamas.

He is survived by his parents, Limor and Lior, and his younger siblings Ofir and Tamir. He was buried on October 11 in Tel Aviv.

His loved ones said Niv was planning a big trip abroad in the coming year and then planning to return to study architecture at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. He completed his army service a year before he was killed, during which he served along the northern border. Since his youth he was involved in powerlifting, including winning local competitions, and he was working in a local after-school daycare program.

The after-school program, Beit Emanuel, wrote online that “Niv had a unique sensitivity to children. He knew how to communicate with them in an exceptional manner and was beloved by all the children in the daycare, as well as his colleagues. He gave with compassion, professionalism and sensitivity,” they wrote. “A charming young man, outgoing, smiley, ethical, responsible, hardworking and exacting.”

Gal Haviv, who met Niv in high school, described him as “a happy guy and a good friend. I remember the first days we met, when you… would sit quietly in class and not say anything and I as usual tried to start up a conversation with you — and I succeeded, and discovered a boy who loved to work out, who loved to chill and laugh. A 15-year-old boy with a work ethic like me… I’ll never forget you and who you were, my brother.”

His aunt, Tlalit Bussi Tel-Tzure wrote on Facebook that “our Niv, my beloved nephew, touched so many people in so many different circles that we didn’t even know about. A young man, strong, talented, curious, loved people, a person who delved deep into many different areas in an exceptional manner. He was optimistic, happy, and at his peak of creativity even on his last day.”

His father, Lior, wrote in Ynet that Niv “loved the sea, music, concerts and partying — but he would also always keep a couple of books in his bag.”

He said Niv “had a very strong need to learn and understand things deeply. He loved people because they loved him and surrounded him everywhere he went.”

Speaking to the Kan public broadcaster, Lior described his son’s love for music and his undeniable presence.

“Niv was a world in himself, he was a unique type, curious, excelling in so many different areas. He never let what other people would think or say to dictate his way of life. He always chose and did what was good for Niv. Music was one of his big loves, it would accompany him all day every day, from the moment he woke up until the late hours of the night. He was a guy of live concerts, he loved the energy, the noise, the crowds, to jump and go crazy,” he continued.

“Niv’s motto in life was, ‘Be who you are, bring yourself 100% without masks, decorations, love yourself and stay with yourself, nobody will miss you that way’ — that’s exactly Niv.”

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