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Sun Yakobov, 22: Partygoer ‘was really like the sunshine’

Murdered by Hamas while fleeing the Supernova music festival on October 7

Amnon Sun Yakobov (Courtesy)
Amnon Sun Yakobov (Courtesy)

Amnon Sun Yakobov, 22, from Holon, was murdered while fleeing the Supernova music festival on October 7.

At 6:32 that morning, he texted his mother that he was on his way home after the rave was shut down due to rocket fire, according to a eulogy on the Holon municipal website. He started heading home, but a police officer directed him toward a roadside bomb shelter near Kibbutz Alumim. There, the eulogy says, he survived several grenades being thrown inside but was shot dead just after exiting the shelter, even attempting to tie his own tourniquet just moments before he succumbed to his wounds. His body was identified several days later.

Sun was buried on October 11 in Holon. He is survived by his parents, Sarah and Eli, and his older sister Sapir.

His friends and family said Sun loved to party, enjoy life and travel. They remembered him as a young child with his angelic blond hair and blue eyes, his close relationship with his older sister, and as he grew up, with his nieces and nephew. He also left behind his beloved dog, Gucci.

His childhood friend, Nevo Karni, wrote on Facebook, “It’s no coincidence that this man was called Sun because he was really like the sunshine.”

“Everywhere he went he would bring his light and make everyone immediately be happy and smile and laugh, the most beloved man I knew, there’s nobody who didn’t know you, nobody who isn’t pained by [your death], nobody who didn’t cry and was in agony at your funeral,” wrote Karni.

Sun “always had the most interesting stories that would make you grab your head in shock or hold your stomach in laughter,” he continued. “You surprised me every time anew with your abilities. Everything you wanted, you achieved, you were something special. The sky was the limit for you my brother, I always thought you would get so far.”

Sun’s sister, Sapir, wrote on Instagram about the day he was born, “the happiest day of my life, a day I waited for for 11 years — 11 years I begged mom to bring me you.”

“You brought light into the house with your laughter, with your running, I took you with me everywhere… all of my friends knew you. Your first word was ‘kapir,’ that’s what you called me,” she recalled. “You were the first baby I raised, we grew up and I still didn’t leave you, even when I would go down to Eilat with my friends you would come with me!”

Sapir said she “stood behind you in everything you did, I gave you my support and was by your side through good and bad, even when sometimes you didn’t act right I never stopped supporting you… My heart breaks that I wasn’t able to save you,” she added. “You took so much of me with you, and so much of you is continuing with me. I love you with every fiber of my being, I’ve been left alone.”

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