A Grad rocket fired from Gaza scored a direct hit on a home in the southern city of Netivot early Sunday morning.

The house in Netivot was reportedly empty and there were no reports of serious injuries. asecond home was damaged in the attack

Several people were treated for shock.

A Grad rocket was also fired at Beersheba a few minutes before the Netivot attack a little after 2 a.m. The missile landed in an open area and there were no reports of serious injuries or damage.

The attacks come four days after the Israel Defense Forces carried out an air sortie against terror targets in Gaza, killing three people.

The three men killed in Gaza were reportedly attempting to lay an explosive device at the border fence with Israel. The army said they had been involved in shooting rockets into Israel in the past.

There has been an uptick in rocket fire from Gaza in the last several weeks.

On Friday, two rockets landed in open areas in the Sdot Negev region.