Blacklisted Hamas official: US shows ‘total bias’ for Israel

American citizens, companies have been banned from doing business with Fathi Hamad, who served as interior minister in Gaza

Hamas's former interior minister Fathi Hamad (YouTube screenshot)
Hamas's former interior minister Fathi Hamad (YouTube screenshot)

A senior Hamas official designated by Washington as a “global terrorist” accused the United States on Saturday of “total bias” in favor of Israel.

The US on Friday added Hamas politburo member Fathi Hamad to its terror blacklist, meaning that US citizens and companies will be banned from doing business with him and any property he holds in areas under US jurisdiction will be frozen.

According to the US State Department, which issued the designation, during his time as Hamas interior minister in Gaza Hamad used his position to “coordinate terrorist cells.”

The State Department said that Hamad had founded Al-Aqsa TV, “with programs designed to recruit children to become Hamas armed fighters and suicide bombers upon reaching adulthood.”

Washington already defines the Hamas organization, which rules the Gaza Strip, as a “foreign terrorist organization.”

Hamad said in a statement that the latest US move, coming as Washington signed a new 10-year deal giving unprecedented military aid to the Jewish state, “represents an additional dark page… of the US administration.”

He said it showed “total bias toward the killing machine and Zionist terrorism.”

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