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First Sgt. Mor Shakuri, 29: Police officer was planning a June wedding

Killed battling Hamas on the roof of the Sderot police station on October 7

First Sgt. Mor Shakuri who was killed at the Sderot police station on October 7, 2023. (Israel Police)
First Sgt. Mor Shakuri who was killed at the Sderot police station on October 7, 2023. (Israel Police)

First Sgt. Mor Shakuri, 29, of Sderot, a patrol officer, was killed battling Hamas terrorists trying to take over the Sderot police station on October 7.

Her commander, Chief Insp. Bar Manshuri, told Ynet that Mor went up on the roof of the Sderot police station to shoot at terrorists down below until she ran out of ammunition: “She reported to me that the ammo had depleted, unfortunately, I couldn’t help and arm them, I wrote to her that we were fighting a horrible endless battle [inside the station]. While she was in danger and fighting for her life, she wrote to me, ‘Bar, be strong.’ Even in this extreme moment, she thought of others and not herself.”

Supt. Mali Shoshana, who was on the roof that day with Mor, told Channel 12 news that while they were up there, a Defense Ministry employee was wounded and Mor removed her shirt, tore it and used it as a tourniquet: “Mor fought bravely under fire and treated a wounded person,” she said. “I met Mor back when I served for four years in the Ashkelon police station — a dedicated officer, professional, excellent, beloved by all, authoritative, sensitive and very humane. This is a huge loss.”

She was buried on October 10 in Sderot. She is survived by her parents, Ayala and Roni, her sister Sapir, and her fiance David.

Her mother, Ayala, told Channel 12 that Mor called her that morning and said, “Mom, it’s important to me that you know that if I don’t survive, I love you, I love dad, take care of my sister,” she recounted. “I know Mor, she would say, ‘I’ll go down fighting.’ She never gave up. If she was the scared type, she’d be alive with me here… with all the pain, I’m proud of her that she protected us.”

Mor was born and raised in Sderot, and served as a trainee commander on an IDF training base next to Pardes Hanna during her army service, before joining the police force approximately six years ago. While serving at the Ashkelon police station, she met David, a fellow police officer, and they got engaged a few months before she was killed. The couple was planning a June wedding.

David told Channel 12 that Mor fought hard “and protected the citizens of the south. It’s not something that is comforting or will bring her back to us, but it gives us strength, that in the end she fought until her last moment and was a hero.”

Her sister, Sapir, told La’isha magazine that “Mor was my BFF, my best friend, she always worried about me, was always there for me in hard times.”

“Everyone who knew her would describe her laughter, her joy and her wide smile. Mor brought light everywhere, you could never miss her,” said Sapir. Her decision to join the police, “didn’t surprise anyone. It was perfect for her, she was a true fighter.”

Sapir said: “I so much wanted to see her under the chuppa, she was so looking forward to that moment, to build a home of her own and to be a mom, and she never got to.”

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