Gantz: Lebanon, Hamas, will bear consequences of rocket fire; our enemies have miscalculated

File: National Unity party head Benny Gantz gives a statement. (Video screenshot)
File: National Unity party head Benny Gantz gives a statement. (Video screenshot)

National Unity leader Benny Gantz gives a statement on the security situation, saying that the opposition will give its full support to the government in responding to the escalating violence, and saying that Lebanon bears responsibility for rocket fire from its territory.

“We are not only the strongest in the region, but also the most ready,” Gantz says, noting that as defense minister he prepared the IDF for a scenario involving “fighting on multiple fronts for two years.”

The IDF is “not only the strongest but also the best-prepared” force in the region, he says.

“We know how to respond to terror from Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank,” says Gantz, who is seeing increasing popularity in polls.

“Lebanon is responsible for the rocket fire, and will bear the consequences,” Gantz says, as will Hamas in Gaza.

“We have a bank of targets. We have carried out wide-ranging exercises,” Gantz says. “The IDF is trained and ready, we are ready.”

“In the last few months, the government has damaged our resilience, undermined the chain of command, and taken us into a deep internal rift, but in times of trouble we know how to unite,” Gantz says.

“If we have to end 17 years of quiet on the northern border, we’ll do so — and demand a heavy price.” Likewise, he says, “if we have to attack forcefully in Gaza” or wherever we need to go to fight terror.

“We’ll all stand together for the good of the state and we will win.”

He turns “to our enemies, Hezbollah, Hamas and their protector state Iran: You are making a mistake in your assessments. Facing terror that threatens our citizens, gunfire on our houses, there is no coalition and no opposition; we are all with the IDF.”

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