Khamenei: Countries that confront Iran ‘will be hit multiple times’

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says the time when Iran’s enemies can “hit and run” is over.

“They know if they enter military conflict with Iran, they will be hit multiple times,” he says in comments during a meeting with workers, according to his website.

Later, in a series of tweets, Khamenei accuses the US of creating instability in the Middle East, and warns it will “certainly suffer from defeat” if it confronts the Islamic Republic.

“Wherever US entered, it created instability, brought misery to people… [the] US must exit this region,” he says in a series of tweets. “The one whose feet should be cut off is US, not Islamic Republic. We are from here. Persian Gulf, West Asia are our home.”

“US’s plan is to provoke some ignorant govts. with little knowledge, in our own region, to confront the Islamic Republic,” he says. “If these govt. officials gain some wisdom, they won’t confront the Islamic Republic; but, if they stand against Iran, they will certainly suffer from defeat.”

He goes on claim the American policy of “agitating” the Saudis and not the “Zionists” proved it was intentionally seeking to sow division among Muslims.

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