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Nevo Arad, 25: ‘Brilliant’ and ‘innovative’ water engineering student

Murdered at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Nevo Arad (Facebook)
Nevo Arad (Facebook)

Nevo Arad, 25, from Kibbutz Sa’ad, was murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

He was considered missing for a week until his body was identified, and he was buried on October 15 in Kibbutz Beit Kama. He attended the rave with his friend Ziv Shapira, who was also slain.

He is survived by his parents, Meirav and Ronen, and his three younger siblings.

Arad was slated to begin his fourth and final year as a student at Kinneret College studying water industry engineering.

The head of the water industry engineering department, Dr. Ran Suckeveriene, told Ynet that “Nevo was my research assistant in an innovative and ground-breaking research project, and I got to know a hard-working, initiative-taking and brilliant student, who was a joy to work with.”

Suckeveriene noted that Arad was an active student who also tutored teenagers in the area, and “unfortunately he never got the news that he had been awarded the ‘presidential prize’ for his achievements in the previous academic year.”

In late January, his family picked up the honor in his memory.

His close friend, Rebecca Corcos, wrote on Instagram about “my friend, our partner in crime, how privileged I was, how privileged we all were — you were the perfect partner for all experiences. And lucky me, we experienced so much together.”

Corcos wrote that Arad was “an inspiration to me and to everyone who knew you I am sure. You were so considerate but also the most free that could be, you did things in such a perfect way that it was annoying… I don’t really know how we keep going from here, how do we pick up the pieces amid everything and after everything. Every breathe is suffocating and comes with a million tiny daggers to every cell in the body, the heart can barely hold on anymore.”

His cousin, Nofar Edri, wrote about going down to the site of the massacre a few months later, noting that ZAKA told the family that “you were alone, the only person in this whole area, and somehow it was you they found. At the shiva [mourning period], I told my sisters that you were for sure murdered because you stopped to help someone who needed you, and only recently we understood that when you fled the terrorists you helped a stranger who was wounded. You saved his life, Nevo. He’s alive and he knows it’s because of you.”

His sister, Adva Arad, wrote on Instagram that Nevo was “the best person most of us ever met in life.”

“Nevo is a guy whose only desire was to do good for others, and not in a cliche way, it was really his motivation,” she wrote. “Words are not enough to describe our beloved, a person who lived his life to the fullest, traveled, celebrated, studied and saw the world. A man with emotional intelligence and wisdom.”

She continued: “A man of values, humble and modest, invested a great deal of effort in the environment and a very ecological guy with a great awareness of his surroundings. Before he passed he said: ‘I want to leave a mark on the world’ — and he did leave an enormous mark in every one of us.”

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