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Ranani Nidejelski Glazer, 23: Brazilian immigrant aspired to be a DJ

Former Golani Brigade fighter killed by Hamas at Supernova festival, October 7

Brazilian-born Israel Ranani Nidejelski Glazer (courtesy)
Brazilian-born Israel Ranani Nidejelski Glazer (courtesy)

Ranani Nidejelski Glazer, a 23-year-old former Golani Brigades fighter, was born in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, and moved to Israel at age 16.

Known among his friends for his love of rave parties and aspirations to become a DJ, Glazer attended the Supernova festival near Kibbutz Be’eri with his girlfriend, Rafaela Treistman, when the party was raided by Hamas terrorists.

Glazer, who was just shy of his 24th birthday, managed to post two videos on Instagram during the attack. In one, he briefly showed the bunker where the group of friends sought refuge, calmly stating, “A war has started in Israel,” his tone a stark contrast to the terror unfolding outside. He is seen amidst the presence of other unidentified individuals as he reassures, “At least we’re safe in a bunker now.”

In an emotional interview following the attack, Treistman, also Brazilian-born, described the chaos, recalling a moment when Glazer was with her, and then suddenly wasn’t. The group remained in the bunker for about three hours until it was bombed.

Glazer’s funeral, held in Haifa on October 11, was marked by an outpouring of grief and tributes. His mother, Tatiana Nidejelski, residing in Brazil, was unable to attend due to financial and employment constraints. A fundraising campaign was later initiated to support her visit to her son’s grave in Israel.

“He believed love was the most powerful thing in life,” Treistman wrote in an Instagram post asking for donations for Glazer’s mom. “He loved life like no one I have ever met.”

The Brazilian government confirmed Glazer’s death on October 9. Initially, there was confusion over his status, with fears that he might have been taken hostage. Following the confirmation, mother Tatiana expressed her gratitude on Instagram for the support and love received, cherishing the memory of her son.

Treistman also paid tribute to Glazer, sharing images and videos of their time together, including a poignant video showing a light-hearted moment on an Egged bus en route to the festival, with Rafaela playfully anticipating their return home from the party.

“I owe you my life,” Treistman wrote.

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