Ra’am cannot fall below electoral threshold, meaning no radical changes likely

While the currently available election results aren’t final and based on some 88% of the votes, it is notable that no party can mathematically fall below the electoral threshold anymore, meaning that any further changes would be limited to moving a single seat from one party to another. The chances of any bloc getting a 61-strong Knesset majority are very slim since the biggest feasible bloc — Netanyahu’s supporters plus Yamina — stands currently at 59 seats, needing to swing two seats.

Even the smallest party, Ra’am — which was last night predicted to fail to make it into the Knesset in all exit polls — has received enough votes to guarantee it won’t fall below the electoral threshold of 3.25% of the votes.

Even if all remaining votes are for parties that pass the threshold and none are for Ra’am, the party will have at least 13,000 votes above the threshold.