Beams not bullets: IAI electronic war system touted as battlefield breakthrough

Scorpius is first-ever system that can jam communications of multiple threats simultaneously, suitable for ground, air and sea, defense firm says

Illustration of Scorpius systems (IAI)
Illustration of Scorpius systems (IAI)

Defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled a new electronic warfare system Thursday, touting it as the first ever that can target multiple threats simultaneously, including at varying distances.

The system, dubbed Scorpius, can disrupt the communications and radar systems of UAVs, ships, missiles and more, according to IAI.

Scorpius scans the entire sky and can direct narrowly targeted beams “at any wavelength, any frequency, any direction against specific targets without interfering with anybody else,” IAI’s Gideon Fustick told Forbes. “We believe this is the revolution. It’s the future of electronic warfare,” Fustick said.

“Scorpius’ technological breakthrough is characterized by unprecedented receiver sensitivity and transmission power (ERP), far exceeding those of legacy EW systems. This allows Scorpius to detect multiple threats, of different kinds, simultaneously, from dramatically increased distances, and to address each threat with a customized response,” IAI said in a statement.

The new Scorpius system can be attached to ground, naval and air forces, according to the semi state-owned IAI.

An IAI official said the new technologies “tip the scale of electronic warfare.”

“The modern battlefield depends on the electromagnetic domain for sensing, communications, and navigation. Protecting the use of the electromagnetic domain for our forces, while denying its use by the enemy, have become mission-critical for success in combat and for ensuring the superiority of our forces in the field,” said Adi Dulberg, general manager of IAI’s Intelligence Division, in a statement.

Illustration of Scorpius systems (IAI)

“The new technology, developed by IAI’s talented engineers, tips the scale of electronic warfare, providing world-first breakthrough capabilities for electronic defense and disrupting enemy systems,” added Dulberg.

IAI, develops and manufactures advanced systems for air, space, sea, land, cyber and homeland security.

Since 1953, the company has provided technology solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide, including satellites, UAVs, missiles, weapon systems and munitions, unmanned and robotic systems, and radar. The firm is one of Israel’s largest technology employers with offices and R&D centers in Israel and around the world. Founded by the state, it has undergone privatization but the state retains a majority stake in the firm.

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