Newly hatched loggerhead turtles make dash for the sea
Cheer the turtle

Newly hatched loggerhead turtles make dash for the sea

Nature and Parks Authority warns that plastic bags on the beach can kill the baby turtles, who mistake them for edible jellyfish

Dozens of newly-hatched loggerhead turtles emerged from their eggs and were captured on video making a dash for the crashing waves at Nitzanim Beach on Monday.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority said the hope was that in a few more years the turtles will return to the same beach to lay their eggs, completing the circle of life.

The authority released the video on its Facebook page to stress the damage caused to the turtle population by humans who leave their trash on the beach.

“In order to not interfere with this cycle of life we can also contribute,” the organization posted. “When you go to the beach, do not bring plastic bags of any kind and certainly do not leave them on the beach.”

The announcement explained that the bags end up in the sea, and the turtles can choke when they try to eat them, mistaking them for jellyfish.

“Come with a reusable cloth bag and help the magic circle of nature to continue,” the authority said.

Light pollution can also be a danger for newly hatched turtles, who usually emerge from their nests at night and instinctively head for the brightest light, thinking that it is the moon.

Often turtles end up near roads where the lucky ones who are not squashed by cars end up in dead in storm drains or eaten by predators.

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