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Livnat Levi, 27: World-traveler partygoer was sixth of 10 siblings

Murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival, October 7

Livnat Levi (Courtesy)
Livnat Levi (Courtesy)

Livnat Levi, 27, of Kiryat Ono, was murdered by Hamas terorrists at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

She attended the rave with four friends including Hadar Hoshen. Only three of them made it out alive, and Levi and Hoshen were slain while trying to seek shelter.

She was considered missing for close to two weeks until her body was found, and she was buried on October 18 in Petah Tikva. She is survived by her parents Yoav and Zimrat and her nine siblings — four sisters and five brothers. She was murdered 10 days before her 28th birthday.

A few months before she was killed, Livnat had returned from months of traveling abroad and was working for a credit card company. Her family and friends said she enjoyed baking, loved animals and gave the best advice.

During the period when she was missing, her brother, Gavriel Levi, wrote her on Facebook that he missed “your rolling addictive laughter, your captivating smile that never leaves your lips, your true calm and peace of mind, your listening ear, getting advice from you and your loving embrace.”

Her friend Shira Cohen, who attended the rave with Livnat and Hadar and managed to escape, wrote on social media, “How much I thank God that he brought you into my life, and how much you were my own personal miracle… You won’t be here any longer to encompass, to listen, to hug, to help, to make me laugh and to support.”

Livnat’s friend, Karin Cherchill, who traveled with her around the world, wrote on social media that from the moment they met, “You burrowed deep into my heart, you became my world, my life, my keeper of secrets, my sister!”

“Thank you for every day, hour, minute, second and millisecond that I was by your side and we laughed and you made me laugh. Thank you for loving me as I am, thank you for worrying, for listening, for supporting, for understanding,” she added. “And now all I’m left with are memories. And the dreams we had together — how can I accomplish them alone?! You were my light and now the light has been turned off.”

Her sister, Adi Avitan, told La’Isha magazine that Livant was the sixth out of their 10 siblings, and though they have many brothers and sisters, “family gatherings were not complete without her. She always helped everyone, always knew how to accept others, she never once said the word ‘no’ to my mother. Nobody ever argued with her, she just wanted to do good for all.”

Adi said that Livnat “never spoke badly about anyone, not because she wanted to be self-righteous or find favor, she was like this from a young age, she was just born good… She loved to travel, to dance and to be as happy as possible.”

She said she last saw Livnat a few days before she was murdered, at a family barbecue over the Sukkot holiday: “It was fun and happy. Nobody imagined that it would essentially be a farewell party from her.”

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