builds a social network for customer service
search builds a social network for customer service

Dov Moran, who created the disk on key and nearly revolutionized the cellphone business, is back with a project he believes will tackle a bane of many people’s existence

Dov Moran (Photo credit: courtesy)
Dov Moran (Photo credit: courtesy)

With customer service commonly thought to be one of the worst nightmares of modern life, the website and apps aim to solve the problem with a social platform that lets users help each other compare prices and features.

The local version of provides contacts for dozens of companies in 16 categories, including communications (phone, satellite, cable providers), insurance companies, car rental firms, municipalities (for paying fees, getting in touch with schools or municipal departments), supermarkets and other chains, utilities, and more. Users can click on the number they want, and, on the website, can record the conversation.

Underlying that is a platform that allows users to read and write recommendations and criticisms and share information on the site.

“We’ve built a platform that allows customers of these products and services to effectively communicate, saving each other time and money,” Dov Moran, the developer of, said at a press conference introducing the site.

“Customer service has for a long time seemed like torture. You have to wait on the phone a long time, and when you are finished talking to the customer service rep you aren’t even sure anymore what they promised you,” Moran said. “We want to help customers and society by fostering cooperation and sharing of information on experiences, and how good or bad it was.”

Apps exist for iPhone and Android; an app for Windows phones is on the way as are versions for other countries, including the US. is Moran’s second start-up this year. Several months ago he started a company called Comigo, which develops Android-based set top boxes for smart TVs. Modu, which had developed modular cellphones that promised to greatly expand the capabilities of the devices, has officially closed down, with Google purchasing its patents.

Moran was founder and chairman of m-systems and invented the DiskOnKey, the DiskOnChip and other similar devices. At the end of 2006 the company was sold to SanDisk for $1.6 billion.

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