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Brittney Jones is scaling up in the corporate Industry

Courtesy of Brittney Jones
Courtesy of Brittney Jones

Brittney Jones is one of the most influential global Entrepreneurs. She started her business at the mere age of 16. However, she was oblivious to the corporate world. For forty years, finally decided to live life as per her own accord after that. She was always aware of her potential yet she didn’t possess the confidence to pursue her dreams. University was also of no help to her since they always recommended mainstream career choices such as a doctor, lawyer, etcetera.

After realising her true potential, she started building her Instagram account, which had a small follower base initially but continued to grow with time. “It’s from there that my coaching business really began.” She exclaimed.

Brittney’s achievements are unparalleled. She earned an income of over half a million in 2020, more than $70k per month, earned a base of over 100k people on virtual platforms,
However, none of these achievements came easy for Brittany. She had to overcome a lot of challenges to reach where she is now. Initially, it was difficult for her to hold a firm foothold since people believed more in experience and age rather than talent. Thus, it was a disadvantage for young Brittany. Moreover, she grasped at every offer she used to get without settings any boundaries, which usually leads to overexploitation. Her advice to all the budding entrepreneurs out there is not settling for less even at the beginning of your career as you too deserve recreation. Just because someone is inexperienced does not imply the necessity to overwork themselves just for proving themselves.

Brittany has personally been a victim of an exploitative client. She feared speaking against them as she thought her career would end. However, with the support of her parents and
close ones, she finally quit the hellhole.

On being asked about where she sees herself in a few years, Brittany had some quite inspiring answers. She plans to continue inspiring and influencing other people’s lives through her work. She also plans to launch new courses and learning sessions for budding entrepreneurs. In the distant future, Brittany wants to start a foundation that provides scholarships and sponsorships for students. Moreover, she wishes lessons such as goal setting, emotions, personal finance, self-awareness, etcetera are set up. This is because she did not receive the help she required during that time and she wishes to change that for today’s kids.


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