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Daniel Gordis

Daniel Gordis calls on diaspora Jews to get involved in Israel’s civil unrest in ways he never has before.

The civil unrest in Israel in Israel today revolves around the recent judicial overhaul — what some are calling “reform” and others are calling “a coup.”

What we’ve been seeing is enough to cause grave concern: hundreds of thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets every week since January; economists predict dire consequences; generals report degraded battle-readiness as thousands of reservists refuse to serve. More than an issue of proper checks and balances, this is an existential crisis…

Ordained as a conservative rabbi, Daniel Gordis made aliyah in 1998. Since then he’s been one of Israel’s most unabashed advocates, authoring 13 books about the Jewish state. And today, he’s calling on diaspora Jews to get involved in ways he has never urged before… Listen here:

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