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Eric Spofford & Sal Rich list 3 limiting sales mindsets you must overcome

Rich says that prospects want to know the product’s benefits more than they care about the price.

Courtesy of Eric Spofford & Sal Rich
Courtesy of Eric Spofford & Sal Rich

Sales success goes beyond training and experience. You need to nurture your mindset to remain focused and motivated. Eric Spofford notes that certain beliefs can make or break a salesperson’s spirit. On the other hand, Sal Rich explains that eliminating the limiting mindsets will help you push further.

With this in mind, sales managers should ensure to motivate their teams. Sales opportunities come easier when you are confident in your skills. You can identify and eliminate the negative strings holding you back from your sales success within the team. Eric Spofford and Sal Rich take on the three limiting sales mindsets that every salesperson must overcome.

● Prospects are only ever interested in price.
This is a common assumption that often costs salespeople. While the customer might judge the product based on its price, it’s the product’s success that matters more to them. Rich says that prospects want to know the product’s benefits more than they care about the price. Spofford echoes this and adds that salespeople need to shed this mentality. When you approach a prospect, don’t solely focus on how affordable the product is; lead with the benefits.

● What’s worked before will continue working in the future.
Many people fall into the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Rich explains that sales approaches are continuously changing. Therefore, it is essential to allow them to evolve. Spofford stresses the importance of paying attention to changing consumer behaviors and keeping up to date with industry changes. Spofford and Rich note that change is the only constant in any industry.

● The responsiveness of prospects manifests sales.
This is, again, untrue and can be pretty frustrating. The right way to go about it is to set expectations with your prospects. Salespeople need to focus on their sales approach by eliminating non-sales activities. Rich says you don’t need to constantly check in with every prospect in the hopes that they will make a purchase. Spofford further explains that salespeople should not prioritize solving problems and answering questions that are not urgent from prospects. This is not only time-consuming, but it distracts you from sales activities that generate revenue. Studies have shown that salespeople spend more than half their time on activities that will not generate revenue.

Even as you focus on the customer, Spofford and Rich warn against focusing too much on them and neglecting your core activities. Shedding the three mindsets above will set you on course to sales success.

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