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Ostarine: Side Effects, Dosage & Results

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Ostarine is one of the most well-known and liked selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) on the market and is seen by many as the ideal introduction to SARMS due to its lack of side effects and its reputation for being an allrounder.

In this article, we will take a look at what Ostarine is, what benefits it offers, any side effects it has, and many other things that you need to know before deciding whether Ostarine is for you.

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What is Ostarine?

Ostarine, also known as MK2866 or Enbosarm, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It works in a similar but not identical way to anabolic steroids. Both SARMS and steroids bind to androgen receptors and mimic the effects of the male sex hormones.

There is a subtle difference between the two, though. While anabolic steroids will target androgen receptors in many different cells in the body, SARMs are very selective (hence the name) in which androgen receptors they target.

This means that they are less likely to cause serious side effects and can theoretically be more efficient in how they work. However, there is significantly less research surrounding SARMs, meaning that we don’t know as much about them or their short and long-term effects.

Much of the research for articles like this has to come from the bodybuilding community, as scientific research is lacking. This means that we have to rely on anecdotal evidence more than we would like. But when there are so many experiences from users, it can be quite useful to collect and analyse this evidence.

Ostarine is one of the most popular SARMs due to its mild side effects and its all-around ability. Unlike many SARMS, Ostarine can be used for fat loss, muscle building, and bulking and get decent results for all three (depending on what your goals are). It is often seen as the ideal starter SARM, and it also does not appear to sufficiently suppress testosterone, thus a Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) is not deemed to be essential.

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Ostarine Benefits

There are several benefits that have been noted by users of Ostarine. They are, unsurprisingly, related to building muscle, preserving muscle during a cut, and burning fat. But there are also some cognitive benefits that should also be welcomed.

Benefit #1 Increased Muscle Mass
Ostarine can help you to build a decent amount of muscle mass compared to a natural lifter, but it may not be quite as good as RAD 140 or RAD 150 when it comes to this. Still, many users report decent muscle mass gains.

This is due to Ostarine allowing you to train at a higher intensity for a longer duration, and it also increases protein synthesis and improves recovery time. Allowing your training volume to increase massively.

Benefit #2 Increased Strength
If you can increase the size of your muscles (hypertrophy) then getting strength gains from Ostarine is a no-brainer. It is for the same reasons that Ostarine can increase strength: by improving muscle protein synthesis, improving recovery time, and allowing you to train at a higher intensity. You just have to change the focus from hypertrophy to strength by reducing the rep count and increasing the weight.

Benefit #3 Possible Cognitive Benefits
This benefit is not guaranteed, but there is some evidence that SARMS may be able to improve memory and cognition. Studies on rats have shown that SARMS have the potential to be cognitive enhancers [1], and many people mention feeling sharper when taking Ostarine.

Benefit #4 Fat Loss
While Ostarine is very good for building muscle, many people state that its best role is in fat loss. Not only is it safe, but it is also highly effective. Increasing your metabolic rate and helping the body to oxidise fat as a priority during high-intensity exercise.

Benefit #5 Muscle Preservation
While cutting, many bodybuilders like to create a large calorie deficit so that they can get their results faster. But too large a deficit can cause your body to catabolise muscle mass in an attempt to address the deficit. Eating a lot of protein can help to prevent this to some extent, but taking Ostarine is an even more effective way to preserve muscle mass during a cut.

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Ostarine Side Effects
Compared to most SARMS, Ostarine is relatively mild in its side effects. That isn’t to say that there aren’t any side effects, just that they are not as severe or as likely as they would be with stronger SARMS such as RAD 140, for example.

Another thing to mention is the lack of scientific studies into the short and long-term effects of SARM use in humans. This is a big deal as it prevents us from giving specific advice as to what constitutes a known side effect and what does not.

From the limited literature on the subject, there are some known side effects of SARM use, such as liver injury and high blood pressure. There are also numerous examples of anecdotal evidence.

This form of evidence is often looked down upon in the scientific community, but when it comes to bodybuilding, it is impractical to avoid it. The bodybuilding world operates largely outside the law (and scientific ethics) when it comes to buying, selling, and testing bodybuilding supplements.

That means that the community is usually years ahead of real scientists when it comes to learning about side effects, dosages, benefits, and considerations relating to anabolic steroids, PEDs, and SARMs.

We’ve split the side effects into two categories: Those that have been noted in scientific journals and those that are repeatedly noticed by actual SARM users in the gym and bodybuilding community.

Scientific evidence

  • Liver Injury – Some studies have noted an increased risk of jaundice in older men who take SARMs [2]. However, there are usually other factors that could be to blame, such as drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • High blood pressure – The same studies also noted high blood pressure. Again, this is not uncommon in many older men. Anecdotally, many younger men have also noticed increases in blood pressure during a SARM cycle.

Anecdotal evidence

  • Insomnia – Some bodybuilders mention having trouble falling asleep when they take Ostarine, but not everyone. Those that do often state that they only have trouble with sleep when they take Ostarine at night.
  • Hair loss – This is a common complaint, with many men noting that they shed more hair than usual during a cycle. However, it should be noted that Ostarine is nowhere near as bad as most SARMs when it comes to hair shedding.
  • Testosterone suppression – Ostarine works by suppressing testosterone production, so this is not really a side effect. However, some men notice that it takes them longer than usual to recover after a cycle. Again, this is less noticeable with Ostarine than any other SARM and is one of the main reasons why it is so popular.

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Ostarine Dosage
WebMD states that a typical dosage of Ostarine is around 3 mg per day [3], but this is significantly lower than most bodybuilders would take during a cycle. With most opting for between 15 mg and 20 mg per day or 10 mg if they are brand new to SARMS and are planning on a longer cycle. Women usually take between 10 mg and 15 mg per day.

Ostarine Cycle
Most cycles of Ostarine are around 8 weeks in length, but some people follow 10-week cycles or even 12-week cycles (usually taking a lower dosage for the first 2-4 weeks and building up).

Ostarine Results
You can expect excellent results with Ostarine after an 8-week cycle, particularly if you are using it for a cut. But even those of you who want to use Ostarine for building muscle can expect far superior results to natural lifters. Ostarine is not as effective as SARMS such as RAD 140 for building size, but that is the trade-off for having milder side effects.

Users can expect to gain 6-10lbs of muscle from a first ostrarine cycle, in combination with a 3-4% percentage reduction in body fat.

Ostarine PCT
Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) is something that bodybuilders perform after an anabolic steroid cycle. This is because steroid cycles suppress testosterone production. By binding to many androgen receptors, they signal to the body that it no longer needs to produce testosterone.

This is fine while you are on the cycle, but when you stop, it can lead to very low testosterone as you no longer have the steroids, and your body is not producing sufficient testosterone. PCT involves taking supplements such as Clomid, which can reduce estrogen production and increase the production of testosterone precursors such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).

Some SARMS require a PCT as they behave similarly to anabolic steroids. RAD 140, for example, when taken at certain dosages, may lead to suppressed testosterone that lasts long enough for PCT to be worthwhile.

Ostarine does not suppress testosterone enough to merit PCT, though it certainly does suppress testosterone while you are on the cycle. But because it is milder than many SARMS, your testosterone production recovers quickly.

Ostarine for Women 
If women are going to take a SARM, then Ostarine is probably the best option due to its mild effects and its lack of masculine effects. In fact, there is an argument that women will respond even better to Ostarine than men.

Ostarine Stacks
Many people recommend stacking Ostarine with YK-11 and RAD 140. Some recommend a combination of Ostarine and Cardarine (GW-50156). Others state that just taking a slightly higher dosage of Ostarine will get you the results that you require.

Ostarine Price
The price of Ostarine can range from $50 to $100 in the USA, and from £40 to £80 in the UK. This reflects a wide range of qualities, but it can also be influenced by delivery charges and any offers that might be on at the time.

Does Ostarine Suppress Testosterone?
Technically, Ostarine does suppress testosterone. All SARMs do. That’s how they work. They bind to androgen receptors and mimic the effects of testosterone. Therefore the body does not need to produce as much.

The important thing to note is that some SARMS suppress testosterone more intensely, and some cause testosterone suppression to last for significantly longer than others.

Ostarine is famous for having the mildest testosterone-suppressing effects, meaning that you don’t need to participate in PCT afterwards, nor will you be likely to see any effects of low testosterone after your cycle.

Just live your life sensibly, sleep lots, exercise regularly, and focus on increasing your testosterone naturally. Eating a diet high in foods that inhibit aromatase (cruciferous vegetables) can also help to naturally boost your testosterone production after an Ostarine cycle.

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When to Take Ostarine?

Some people claim that you should take Ostarine early in the morning, while others swear by taking it last thing at night. The truth is that Ostarine is not a stimulant, so you can take it at any time of day that suits you. If you find that it prevents you from falling asleep as easily as normal, then take it first thing, but otherwise, pick a time and be consistent with it.

How Long Does Ostarine Take to Work?

This will vary from person to person and also depends on your diet and exercise regime. It will start working immediately, but you won’t notice any difference until around the 4th week, with the most noticeable results occurring around the 6th to 8th weeks.

What is OSTA 2866?

OSTA 2866 is a herbal supplement sold by Crazy Bulk that is marketed as a legal and natural alternative to Ostarine MK-2866. The supplement contains magnesium, zinc, Salacia, ginseng, fennel, cinnamon, and reishi mushroom extract.

Other than having a similar name, OSTA 2866 is absolutely nothing like Ostarine. What’s worse is that OSTA 2866 has no redeeming qualities of its own. It won’t help to burn fat, it won’t help to build muscle, and it certainly won’t help you to bulk.

It does not imitate the effects of Ostarine, and it does not have any health benefits either. Cinnamon has very few performance-enhancing benefits. Neither does reishi mushroom extract. While ginseng may have some health properties, none of these benefits are related to building muscle or burning fat. It is a completely pointless supplement.

Final Thoughts on Ostarine

Ostarine is a fantastic introduction to the world of SARMS and is perfect for beginners. With few side effects, no testosterone suppression issues, and decent results. OSTA 2866 is a completely fake supplement that tries to live off the name of Ostarine without any similarities whatsoever in the formula.





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