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Plenity Reviews 2023 – Worth The Price?

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Plenity reviews have been showing up all over the internet. But is Plenity the right weight loss pill for you?

Obesity has remained a consistent issue in America, leading to heart disease and death in hundreds of thousands of Americans. People want to lose weight, but sometimes, depending on various factors, simple diet and exercise don’t quite cut it. People seek out weight loss and fat-burning supplements to give them that little necessary boost that makes their exercise more effective and their dieting work more efficiently. One of those weight loss supplements is Plenity.

Plenity reviews have increased significantly in the last couple of years.You would think that this makes Plenity the best option for weight loss, and while there are reasons to try Plenity and it is shown to be effective at what it sets out to do, there are also a number of reasons why Plenity may not be right for you and what alternatives are out there.

This Plenity review will explain, in detail, what Plenity can do for you as a customer and what limitations it may have. If you decide that Plenity is not the product for you, we’ll also provide you with some alternatives to Plenity that will provide you with great weight loss and fat-burning while possibly being more appropriate for your specific lifestyle and needs.

Best Plenity Alternatives

  1. PhenQ: Great Overall Fat Burner
  2. PhenGold: A Natural Supplement That Mimics Phentermine
  3. Leanbean: A Stellar Fat Burner Tailored For Women

What is Plenity?

Some Plenity reviews will make you think that it is the ultimate weight-loss pill. The first thing to notice here is that Plenity does not actually directly cause you to lose weight. Plenity is an appetite suppressant, a product specifically designed to lessen the feeling of hunger by making you feel fuller overall.

Plenity is supposed to be taken as 3 pills 20 minutes before lunch and dinner with 16 ounces of water. Plenity can also be taken during or after a meal with the recommended 16 ounces of water as well. Essentially, Plenity will absorb the water it is taken with, expanding in your stomach and mixing with the food to create a sort of slurry in your stomach that takes up a quarter of your stomach space, making you feel fuller with less food.

The idea is that this thick mass in your stomach will send signals to your brain that your stomach is full and you no longer need to eat. While technically you can achieve weight loss without a product like Plenity by just eating less, the market of overweight and obese people that Plenity leans to may find that just reducing their high-caloric meals to smaller portions will leave them hungry and dissatisfied. Plenity helps alleviate those feelings.

Plenity is not a drug, made up of just two, natural ingredients, but it does require a prescription, though that prescription can be attained online. Either way, you will need to get a prescription from a licensed physician to use Plenity.

What is in Plenity?

Plenity is made up of two ingredients, cellulose and citric acid. However, only one of those ingredients is actually doing anything when it comes to assisting weight loss.

  • Cellulose: This naturally occurring fiber can be found in all kinds of fruits, grains, and vegetables. It is not digested in the body, so it will pass through your entire digestive system without breaking down. It is also a highly absorbent ingredient, sucking up much of the water and liquid. This causes the cellulose to expand and swell, filling up the large intestine, which signals the body to feel full and also slows digestion, making you feel fuller for longer.
  • Citric Acid: This is just a simple, fairly weak acid that is usually used as a preservative or flavor enhancer. Since capsules are relatively flavorless either way, the citric acid is working as a preservative and bonding agent for the cellulose particles. It is not providing you any weight loss benefits and can become harmful to the body at higher doses.
    Once the capsule dissolves in the body, thousands of the hydrogel cellulose particles release in the body to expand in the stomach, turning the digesting food into a viscous slurry that makes the body feel full and slows your digestion.

Cons of Plenity

The scientifically proven results may make Plenity a highly sought-after product, but while Plenity is a proven appetite suppressant, there are some things to consider before you consult your doctor and get your wallet out.

Limited Uses
Plenity only has one function. It is an appetite suppressant. While it is proven effective in making a person feel fuller for longer, that is all it is doing. For those looking to make their workouts more effective using a fat burner, Plenity will do nothing for you. On top of this, many weight loss supplements on the market present benefits like increased energy and improved mood. Since Plenity is basically just cellulose, it won’t provide you any additional wellness benefits.

Plenity is also only recommended for severely overweight and obese individuals with a BMI over 25. If you are looking to take a few pounds off or are already in shape and just trying to stay that way, Plenity will not be the product for you.

Plenity Price
Considering the limited uses of Plenity, it is a very expensive product. Plenity will cost you $98 for a 4-week supply. While that may only be $1.75 per meal, when you factor in the number of weight-loss supplements that provide a number of other benefits for less money, almost $100 a month sounds like an expensive solution. In fact, the Plenity price may be one of the biggest deterrents to using Plenity, especially when paired with the limited uses.

Requires a Prescription
Even though Plenity does offer an easy way to get a prescription with an online consultation, the fact of the matter is that you still have to speak to a licensed physician in order to get Plenity. While speaking to a physician is a good idea when starting any kind of wellness regimen, Plenity makes it a requirement. This can make the price go up when you factor in the cost of the consultation, and it just adds more steps to get a product that is essentially just filling you up with fiber.

Limited Useful Ingredients
Only one ingredient is really doing anything in Plenity. While cellulose is shown to be an effective appetite suppressant, paying almost $100 a month and having to see your doctor to take a pill that is essentially just putting a bunch of absorbent fiber in your body doesn’t seem like the greatest value.

Health Concerns
While Plenity is a safe product, there are a couple of side effects and health concerns to consider.

  • It is not uncommon for Plenity to cause gastric discomforts such as bloating, nausea, increased flatulence, and abdominal pain.
  • Consumers with a history of heartburn or ulcers should not take Plenity.
  • Plenity is also not appropriate for anyone with Crohn’s Disease, abnormalities in the esophagus, and anyone who has had gastrointestinal surgery in the past.
  • Anyone who is prone to low blood sugar may want to avoid Plenity, as it can trigger hypoglycemia.
  • The odd part about Plenity is that many of the things that keep people from using Plenity are common side effects of obesity.

Alternatives to Plenity

Plenity is proven effective at curbing appetite. The negatives discussed don’t take that away from it. However, there are a number of downsides to Plenity, and those downsides may not be worth it for a product that only suppresses appetite and costs $98 a month. With that in mind, here are a number of products that not only curb your appetite but also provide you with a number of other benefits that can help a wider range of consumers lose weight.

#1 . PhenQ: Great Overall Fat Burner

PhenQ is one of the most popular products in the world of weight loss. Where Plenity provides only one way to lose weight, PhenQ provides consumers with a number of ways to lose weight in the form of an easy capsule. PhenQ helps people lose weight by:

  • Increases your energy to get you moving and exercising
  • Improves your mood to help keep you motivated
  • Increase your metabolism and thermogenesis to burn fat
  • Keeps fat from forming
  • Curbs your appetite
    PhenQ accomplishes this by blending 5 powerful ingredients that are all actively assisting you in both mental and physical wellness to get your body in the shape you want it.

How It Works?
PhenQ is made up of the following five ingredients:

  • Nopal Cactus extract
  • Caffeine
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
  • Capsimax Powder

PhenQ seeks to use all-natural ingredients that each provide the body a specific benefit that will help burn fat off and keep it off.

  1. Thermogenesis: Thermogenesis is the heating of the body to assist in the digestion of food to create energy for the body. The Capsimax Powder is a blend of capsaicin ingredients, the chemical in peppers that triggers the heat response. Capsaicin increases the body temperature, which helps to digest fat in the body. Caffeine and amino acids like L-Carinitine Fumarate are also useful in speeding up the metabolism and helping people burn fat.
  2. Stops Fat Production: The ingredients in PhenQ are also linked in stopping fat cells from forming in the body. For example, Capsimax Powder contains Piperine, which has been linked in some clinical trials to stop the production of fat.
  3. Curbs Your Appetite: The ingredient in Plenity that curbs your appetite is the fiber known as cellulose. Nopal Cactus extract has a ton of fibers in it that will have a similar effect to cellulose. Chromium Picolinate has also been linked to the regulation of blood sugar, which not only is good for the body and can help prevent diabetes, but also may decrease hunger and keep you from overeating.
  4. Increases Energy: As your body is burning fat it is creating energy, so the number of thermogenetic ingredients in PhenQ will cause a boost of energy that can be great for stimulating the drive to exercise. Caffeine is also a mild stimulant, so it will wake you up and keep you going.
  5. Improved Mood: This increase in energy is connected to a reduction in fatigue. Sometimes the thing that keeps us from going on that run or getting to the gym is exhaustion, so PhenQ’s burst of energy will help provide the motivation to do what you need to do.


PhenQ is a great product, but it may not be right for everyone.

  • PhenQ is very high in caffeine, as each dose contains about 142 milligrams of caffeine, which is around the same amount as many energy drinks.
  • Anyone with prior heart conditions or anyone suffering from intense nervousness or anxiety may want to avoid this product.
  • PhenQ is also not appropriate for women who are pregnant or suspect they are pregnant and also for women who are nursing

PhenQ Pricing

At $69 for a one-month supply with free delivery, PhenQ is significantly cheaper than Plenity while also providing more benefits. It can also be purchased at a discounted rate when bought in bulk.

Click here for the Best Price on PhenQ

#2. PhenGold: A Natural Supplement That Mimics Phentermine

PhenGold is often described as natural Phentermine. So what is Phentermine? It’s a prescription stimulant that is used for weight loss. While necessary for some, Phentermine can be a bit too intense for many and it can be highly addictive. Many supplements try to mimic the effects of Phentermine with natural ingredients, but PhenGold is probably the best at this. PhenGold accomplishes this by:

  • Helping your body achieve a state of thermogenesis to burn fat
  • Accelerating your bodies metabolism to get cholesterol and bad fat out of your body
  • Promote a healthy, active mind
    PhenGold will give your body the boost it needs without any of the harmful, addictive aspects of Phentermine.

How It Works?
The ingredients for PhenGold include:

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Caffeine
  • L-Theanine
  • Green Tea
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Green Coffee
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Vitamin B3
  • DMAE
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
    You’ll notice some similar ingredients to our previous products as well as some new ones, but PhenGold seeks to help you lose weight with all these ingredients by boosting your metabolism and initiating thermogenesis all while promoting a healthy state of mind.
  1. Energy Without Jitters: We’ve already mentioned the positive benefits of Caffeine when it comes to weight loss, especially in the realm of reducing fatigue and boosting energy for athletic performance. With a supply of Green Tea, Green Coffee, and more Caffeine on top, PhenGold definitely has those stimulant qualities used in Phentermine. However, it also includes L-Theanine and DMAE, both of which have been shown to have mood-boosting and mildly calming effects on the mind. Not calming in a sleepy way but in a focused, non-anxious way. On top of that, Rhodiola Rosea has also been shown to not only reduce fatigue but also boost mental wellness to reduce stress.
  2. Get Your Digestion Moving: Stimulants get your metabolism going, and PhenGold is loaded with stimulants. We’ve already mentioned the various forms of Caffeine and DMAE in this product, but we’ve also got 3 different B Vitamins and amino acids like L-Tyrosine that get your blood pumping and your digestive track moving so that fats don’t have time to store in your body.
  3. Raising the Body Temperature: We’ve discussed Thermogenesis at length, and you’ve definitely got a lot of ingredients increasing your body heat so that you can sweat out excess fat and lose weight efficiently while exercising. All the sources of Caffeine and the various stimulants are helping with that, but you’ve also got Cayenne Pepper, another product with Capsaicin that can heat up your body to break down stored fat.
    PhenGold is an intense product that will provide intense weight loss results. Using powerful ingredients, PhenGold will give you the benefits of Phentermine in a natural, non-addictive pill.


While PhenGold can be great for a lot of people, it does come with a few negatives that should be considered by users.

  • There is a lot of caffeine, so if you have any caffeine sensitivity, are pregnant or suspect you might be pregnant, or even if you just suffer from intense anxiety or nervousness, this product may not be for you.
  • You need to be working out if you are using this product. This is a product for gym junkies. Anyone looking to lose weight without exercise should avoid PhenGold.
  • DMAE has been linked to adverse side effects in anyone who may suffer from epilepsy, bipolar, and schizophrenia.

PhenGold Pricing

PhenGold costs $59.99 for a one-month supply. All orders come with free worldwide shipping and are subject to a 100-day money-back guarantee. Discounted rates are available for bulk pricing.

Click here for the Best Price on PhenGold

#3. Leanbean: A Stellar Fat Burner Tailored For Women

Leanbean is a unique fat burner in the world of weight loss supplements because its formula is specifically tailored to the needs of women who are looking to stay fit and healthy. Leanbean is focused heavily on assisting users in staying slender and keeping fat off by providing three different goals.

  • Providing the user with energy and focus to work out and push harder
  • Burning fat off, especially belly fat
  • Curbing hunger and suppressing the appetite so you don’t put the pounds back on
    Leanbean ends up being an all-day supplement that is loaded with ingredients that are all working together to accomplish these goals. The ingredients are all-natural and tend to be backed by scientific reviews making Leanbean a reliable product for shredding the pounds away.

How It Works?
Leanbean is made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients consisting of:

  • Acai Berry
  • Choline
  • Green Coffee
  • Glucomannan
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Chloride
  • Turmeric
  • Piperine
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Vitamin B12
    Each ingredient is working to keep the pounds off, especially in the stomach area, with many ingredients pulling double duty. The main goal of any fat burner is to kick the metabolism into overdrive, which each component of Leanbean is doing.
  1. Blood Flow and Body Heat: Leanbean includes ingredients like Turmeric and Green Coffee, a healthier source of Caffeine, to raise the body temperature to trigger that Thermogenesis that helps incinerate fat. You’ll notice that Piperine is present in the mix as well, which as we discussed previously helps stop the production of fat, so not only are you burning the fat away, but you are keeping it off. Acai Berry is an antioxidant that helps increase blood flow, which in turn helps burn fat into energy and assists in digestion.
  2. Stop the Cravings: Glucomannan is a fiber that helps keep you from being hungry, similar to how Plenity uses Cellulose. Absorbing the water and taking up space in the stomach promotes satiety and keeps the body from feeling hungry, stopping you from eating. Unlike Plenity, Leanbean includes another ingredient that has similar qualities. Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to increase serotonin levels in the brain, which has been linked in clinical trials to a reduction in hunger and cravings. It is also linked with cholesterol management, which will help improve your overall health. Using this combination of fiber and fruit extract will help keep the cravings low and the pounds off.
  3. Improved Mood With More Energy: As we discussed earlier, Caffeine is a stimulant that provides energy, reducing fatigue and promoting an overall healthier mindset. Vitamin B6 and B12 help convert food and fat in your body into energy, so not only are they helping get rid of fat, but they are using the energy from the fat to motivate you to do more work. As mentioned, Garcinia Cambogia is linked to increased serotonin, which will make your mind feel better, and antioxidants like Zinc and those present in the Acai Berry improve blood flow, which also means more blood pumping to your mind, keeping you alert and focused.

Leanbean also uses only 10 milligrams of Caffeine per dose, so only about 30 milligrams a day. This is a fairly light amount of caffeine, less than a cup of coffee. Leanbean focuses more so on clean energy than the jittery energy that intensely caffeinated beverages bring.


  • Leanbean is a solid product that is worth checking out, but it comes with a few downsides that are significant enough to be worth mentioning.
  • Leanbean recommends taking three doses a day. Since it is still caffeinated, this requires a dose of Caffeine at night, which can affect sleep patterns, so you have to be very careful with the timing of your doses. Even with a lighter dose, the caffeine may be inappropriate for:
    • Women pregnant or nursing
    • People with sleep disorders
    • People with anxiety disorders
      Garcinia Cambogia may interact with diabetes, pain, and psychiatric medications, so you’ll want to consult with your doctor before taking Leanbean.

Leanbean Pricing

At only $59.99 for a 30-day supply, Leanbean is significantly cheaper than Plenity and even $10 cheaper than PhenQ. They also provide free shipping if you buy two months’ worth of Leanbean.

Click here for the Best Price on Leanbean

Final Thoughts on Plenity and Its Alternatives

There is a legitimate reason why Plenity reviews have been popping up everywhere. If all you are looking for is an appetite suppressant and you are going to consult with your doctor either way, Plenity is not a bad option.

With that in mind, at $98 per month, there are significantly cheaper options that will do more for your weight loss, especially if you aren’t over the 25 BMI recommendation for Plenity. PhenQ, Leanbean, and PhenGold all offer fat-burning, energy, and even stopping the production of fat all while providing you with a means to curb your appetite. All of which are also significantly cheaper than Plenity.

Best Plenity Alternatives

  1. PhenQ: Great Overall Fat Burner
  2. PhenGold: A Natural Supplement That Mimics Phentermine
  3. Leanbean: A Stellar Fat Burner Tailored For Women

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