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Real estate investment for the rest of us

A new paradigm in the real estate investment sector is disrupting the way individuals invest their money

Dov Kotler &  Eran Rot  iintoo founders
Dov Kotler & Eran Rot iintoo founders

Commercial-grade real estate investment with high-yield projections is often considered the turf of tycoons, institutional investors or ultrahigh-net-worth financiers. With low interest rates and volatile markets, alternative investments such as real estate are gaining more attention from savvy investors. Investors interested in taking their own bite soon realize that premium commercial real estate is not commonly accessible. What’s more, even if it were, such deals are not so easy to find, let alone scrutinize, enter and manage.

Actually, there are many barriers to remove before one can take part in such real estate investments. That’s why many investors choose iintoo’s online REIMCO™, one of the leading online real estate investment management companies that removes barriers and bridges the gap between 13 million accredited US investors and exit-oriented real estate opportunities via a digital dashboard.

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As a REIMCO™, iintoo carefully examines each investment opportunity by personally verifying a project’s developer, building permits, construction plans and revenue forecasts. Additionally, iintoo offers complete project oversight throughout the life of an investment, which includes site visits, progress reports and the handling of quarterly returns.

Think of it as having your own professional entourage – specializing in real estate investments – from start to exit.

Investors can then access opportunities through iintoo’s online social investment network, which allows them to choose projects à la carte and interact with each other. Starting at $25,000, registered accredited investors may fund a project of their choice and thus hold ownership shares in high-yield real estate projects. Projects made available by the global company typically offer projected double-digit annual returns and last for two to three years with no ongoing management fee.

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Real estate experts mitigate risks to maximize potential

Unlike a crowdfunding platform, iintoo works directly with project developers to create pre-approved business plans for maximum potential returns. iintoo’s team of industry experts, actively manage, monitor and report on each investment.

Additionally, iintoo is the only company in the online investment industry to partner with a prominent real estate figure – Meridian Capital Group, one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate finance and advisory firms.

“By tapping into Meridian Capital’s private deal flow, iintoo is able to offer real estate opportunities in the small-to-medium asset class, which accredited investors would not be able to access otherwise,” said Eran Roth, founder and CEO of iintoo. “iintoo is a hands-on partner that is motivated to support investors’ interests from start to finish. Our vision is to deliver the world’s most robust online investment program by bringing transparency and higher levels of risk assurance to both consumers and developers. We have been incredibly successful the past two years in Israel and expect to see similar results in the US.”

Founded in 2015, the global company has already accumulated a total asset value of $300 million. Its extensive track record – raised entirely from private investors – consists of investment opportunities in a variety of market segments from ground-up development to multi-family, student housing, senior living, hospitality, office buildings and mixed-use developments

The head of iintoo’s US operations, Jeff Holzmann, brings more than 20 years of high-tech and venture capital management experience to the company. Holzmann ensures iintoo’s vision to empower real people who wish to invest in real estate by bringing transparency and clarity to financial technology users, and by mitigating risk for investors and negotiating deals to increase an investment’s value.

Jeff Holzman head of iintoo’s US operations

“iintoo will change the way people in the US invest their money; this type of investment model is more useful than ever, taking advantage of low interest rates and volatile markets. Until now, 13 million accredited investors in the country only had access to a fraction of the real estate opportunities on the market,” said Holzmann. “As one of the leading Real Estate Investment Management Companies, iintoo has created a marketplace that allows investors to not only curate a portfolio that meets their goals, but it also encourages them to network with other like-minded investors. We are giving people the tools they need to get involved with real estate investment trends and to diversify their portfolios with premium projects – there are very few conservative investment alternatives that offer similar high-yield projections for investors,” concluded Holzmann.

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