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Selling Tel Aviv: The experts share how to sell Tel Aviv property

Daon Group tailors its real estate services to their clients’ needs, bringing professionalism and innovation to the booming Tel Aviv market.

Barak Daon is a man with a mission. Not just a mission but a philosophy reflected in his bustling office and the talented team at Daon Group Real Estate.

Barak’s team understands property, and they know Tel Aviv. A city of immense complexity and movement, one that has echoes of the early days of the Zionist movement combined with groundbreaking architecture and potentially innovative transportation. From their headquarters in iconic Dizengoff Street, the Daon Group is revolutionizing the way property deals are done.

The Daon Group brings a new ideology to the residential real estate market by providing more than basic agency services. The team offers innovative, tailored solutions based on data that meet the clients’ needs.

Anyone interested in selling their property assets, whether an old-style inherited apartment or a city block, must choose their agent wisely. At Daon Group, selecting the right agent for each customer is not done arbitrarily. Particular care is taken in finding, wherever possible, someone
with the right language and matching cultural background. All the Daon Group team speak the owner’s language – in more ways than one!

Dan Katz, a senior agent at Daon Group, epitomizes this client-friendly approach. He told me, “We keep genuine clients’ relationships at the core of our vision by maintaining the highest level of authenticity in our service while cultivating an environment of quality and professionalism.”

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Photo by Dana Ram

You have a right to be treated with understanding and dignity. You need to be certain that you can depend on the advice you receive, advice that has been based on solid evidence and sound judgment. And you must have confidence in the people you are dealing with. Avi, an owner who sold with Daon Group, commented that “beyond the great price and payment terms, the agent and his team saved the deal twice from falling with their creative problem-solving techniques. This sale made my wife and I understand the value of a ‘middle man’ during the selling process.”

A similar sentiment came from Nati, who mentioned that "the team was transparent during the negotiation process, and even though we received the asking price, the agents shared that they feel they can get more during the negotiations. We sold 200k NIS over what we really wanted to sell.”

There is a lot of money at stake, but a great deal of aggravation and worry can also be avoided when you make a careful choice of a real estate agency. That is why Barak is adamant about the Daon Group maintaining standards that can give potential sellers complete confidence.

Fixing the right sale price is crucial. Advice given is based on complete familiarity with market conditions. An informed decision allows the seller to avoid lengthy delays in making a sale or the worry that a very quick sale came at too low a price.
Finding the buyers is virtually assured with Daon Group’s international database of qualified buyers.
Marketing matters and the Group’s ability to showcase the many properties that it has
had on its books has led to record-breaking successful sales.
Strong network – continuously growing and strengthening the Group’s professional support network (lawyers, banks, designers, appraisers, etc.), allowing our deals to close smoothly and efficiently.
Creativity, out-of-the-box thinking – constantly pushing limitations to achieve creative solutions to any challenges that arise.

Photo by Dana Ram.

But most important of all is the human touch. Barak has brought the best agents in Tel Aviv to join his international team. They speak ten different languages and focus on excellent communication and customer satisfaction, whatever their background.

A few stories that we heard in the office tell the tale admirably. In mid-2021, an owner wanted to sell an apartment in the “old North” of Tel Aviv for 4.8m NIS. The inherited property is 85 sqm for renovation on the 3 rd floor with parking and an elevator. The owner could not sell at that price, but after working with Daon Group, senior agent, Jonathan Lavi sold the property for 4.95m NIS.

Early in 2022, Daon Group agent Daniel Grosz enabled the sale of a penthouse on Byron St. for 12.6m NIS, which was the seller’s specified price. The property is 127sqm + 75 sqm balcony with two parking spots.

In April 2022, Daon Group agent Simon Aviv sold a property in Ben Yehuda St. for 2.25m NIS. The owner wanted to sell quickly, and because of the high price per sqm (24 sqm property), he wanted to work with Daon Group from the beginning. The results speak for themselves – the property was sold within ten days for the asking price.

Land is finite within the city, and sitting owners have an inbuilt advantage. Barak and his dedicated team at Daon Group have a shared mission to ensure that no one wastes what could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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