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Tikvah: Big Ideas. Great Debates. Jewish Excellence.

In Fall 2013, Tikvah Advanced Institutes will offer Jewish Thought & History, War & Statesmanship, and Economics & Policy. Institute participants will receive a generous stipend.

Elliott Abrams (photo credit: Courtesy/Tikvah Fund)
Elliott Abrams (photo credit: Courtesy/Tikvah Fund)

Take a week off to study big ideas, great texts, and current issues with some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners including Elliott Abrams, Uzi Arad, Ruth Wisse, Meir Soloveichik, and many more.

The Tikvah Advanced Institutes is a unique opportunity for professionals who want to expand their intellectual range – and do something important for the Jewish people and the Jewish State. Qualified applicants will be people with experience or interest in government, the military, academia, journalism, business, law, and cultural and religious life.

Fall 2013 seminars run anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks, with stipends ranging from $3,000-$10,000 depending on length. The seminars are held at Tikvah’s education center in New York City.

The Institutes focus on three broad intellectual areas:

(1) War and Statesmanship, exploring both the ethical questions and strategic dilemmas that confront modern leaders;

(2) Economics and Policy, including both the foundational ideas of democratic capitalism and the concrete policy issues shaping how free societies govern themselves; and

(3) Jewish Thought and History, probing both the biblical and Jewish views of human nature and the great leaders and key decisions that have shaped Jewish history and the Jewish State.

Who Should Apply?

Men and women of achievement in professional life who want to expand their intellectual range and influence.

Individuals who aspire to accomplish something important for the Jewish people and the Jewish State.

Professionals who can devote anywhere from one week to four weeks in New York City to study with master teachers and practitioners.

Apply now!

Questions? Please contact:
The Tikvah Fund
165 East 56th Street, 4th Floor
New York, New York 10022
Phone: (212) 796-1672
Fax: (646) 794-0172

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