Pioneering DNA study reveals not all Dead Sea Scrolls are from Dead Sea

Breakthrough paleogenomic analysis of ancient parchment helps prove textual evolution in 2 versions of Book of Jeremiah in 2nd Temple era

June 2, 2020, 6:24 pm

LISTEN: For Jerusalem Day, writer Tuttle-Singer takes us onto Old City rooftops

Author of 'Jerusalem Drawn and Quartered' shares where the best humus in the world can be found -- and the best view to eat it with

LISTEN: Mazel tov, after 508 days of labor, an Israeli government is born!

The 35th government was finally sworn in on Sunday. Senior analyst Haviv Rettig Gur talks about the good, the bad, and the less ugly

LISTEN: Three moms of a total of 16 children talk parenting under coronavirus

Conservative columnist Bethany Mandel speaks about homeschooling, while 'Call Your Mother' podcaster Jordana Horn counts the days till school comes back

LISTEN: Colorado governor speaks about state’s lockdown and rising anti-Semitism

Episode #32: Gov. Jared Polis is optimistic more people rally to common cause than spread hate * Dr. Kurt Graham, Director of the Harry S. Truman Library, shares spicy anecdotes

LISTEN: An Israeli ER nurse opens up about the ‘unimaginable’ COVID-19 fight

2020 is the Year of the Nurse. Hear why Zippy Goodman, who works in Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Medical Center, and all medical workers around the world are truly heroes

LISTEN: Israeli comic with COVID-19 does sick comedy for captive hotel audience

Harvard fellowship cut short, one-woman show postponed, and stricken with virus, Noam Shuster-Eliassi finds plenty to laugh about with diverse crowd of fellow patients in Jerusalem

LISTEN: As Israel turns 72 amid coronavirus, Germany outlaws Hezbollah

Episode #32: Refusenik and former MK Natan Sharansky talks freedom * AJC's David Harris on Hezbollah's political wing * Former UK student head Hannah Rose on new Labour leadership

LISTEN: Why ‘Birthright for Moms’ founder is so moved to light torch for Israel

Momentum founding director Lori Palatnik speaks about the incredible trickle-down effect families experience after parents reconnect to Israel and Jewish people in 8 crazy days

LISTEN: Analyst says Gantz has left long-term impact on Israeli faith in leaders

Episode #31: Globes political and diplomatic correspondent Tal Schneider on coalition deal * AJC Director of Muslim-Jewish Relations Ari Gordon on Arabic video series, ‘An al-Yahud

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