LISTEN: For pandemic, a stand-up comedian Zooms in to inject the best medicine

Comedian Joel Chasnoff is well known on the Jewish comedy circuit. But what happens when travel is impossible? Hilarity -- on even the smallest of screens

August 5, 2020, 2:25 pm

NYT columnist Bret Stephens: US ineptitude in health crisis will embolden China

In new 'Behind the Headlines' online video series, the Pulitzer Prize-winner talks to TOI editor David Horovitz about COVID-19 as a geopolitical crisis and historical turning point

LISTEN: What do we know about Nazareth in Jesus’ time? An archaeologist explains

From tax evasion to hidey-holes, IAA excavation director Yardenna Alexandre discusses Jewish life in the small village where Jesus grew up

LISTEN: Talking race and US reparations with a Black, gay, female rabbi

Rabbi Sandra Lawson defines terms and speaks frankly about the challenge of not conforming to stereotypes in her role as a Hillel campus educator at Elon University

LISTEN: Big Brother is always watching, says expert. Pandemic has made it worse

Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler says Israeli surveillance is much closer to China in terms of invasion of citizens' privacy than to European governments or liberal Asian countries

LISTEN: ToI takes you to a unique excavation deep under Jerusalem’s Old City

Join IAA archaeologist Barak Monnickendam-Givon on a jaw-dropping guided audio tour spanning two millennia some 7 meters under the Western Wall plaza

LISTEN: A week to annexation, settlement mayor not sure if her town’s in or out

US-born Aliza Pilichowski talks about not knowing whether Benjamin Netanyahu will apply full Israeli law over her Jordan Valley town of 3,500 next week -- and other challenges

LISTEN: Jewish Agency head Isaac Herzog says ‘real issues’ trump annexation talk

The former Labor leader views Israel as a 'beacon' to the world during the COVID-19 era, and urges constructive criticism, not disengagement, from the Diaspora on political issues

Activist, politician, rabbi: Sergio Bergman takes the helm of Progressive Jewry

Social justice champion and former Argentine environment minister is ready to take on Israel's Orthodox status quo and fight for recognition of 1.8 million Jews he now represents

Pioneering DNA study reveals not all Dead Sea Scrolls are from Dead Sea

Breakthrough paleogenomic analysis of ancient parchment helps prove textual evolution in 2 versions of Book of Jeremiah in 2nd Temple era

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