LISTEN: Why Israelis may be arrested for the ‘war crime’ of settlement building

Episode #19: Anti-Semitism still plagues UK Labour Party * What does the ICC war crimes investigation mean for Israel? * African-American pastor reaches to Jews across racial lines

January 17, 2020, 3:49 pm

LISTEN: At Shiloh, archaeologist finds artifacts hinting at biblical Tabernacle

With Texan chutzpah, Dr. Scott Stripling says all digs must start wet-sifting their earth, as he recovers overlooked ancient items at the first Israelite priestly capital

LISTEN: US and Iran on brink of war? NY Jews wage own battle with anti-Semitism

Episode #18: Top Mideast analysts on Trump's decision to take out Soleimani * NYC anti-hate crime chief on epidemic of violence * Hit the streets to hear New Yorkers' Jewish pride

LISTEN: Security expert — Iran and Hezbollah may ‘shut Israel down’ in next war

In a ToI podcast, former deputy head of Israel's National Security Council Chuck Freilich says Israeli civilian infrastructure could be targeted when Iran and Hezbollah

Israel is on precipice of losing option of two-state solution, say US advisers

Authors ambassador Dennis Ross and David Makovsky warn that Israel is nearing the point of no return with Palestinians, in a live interview with ToI editor David Horovitz

LISTEN: Community insider on why deadly attacks on US ultra-Orthodox keep coming

Episode# 17: Jewish Insider's Jacob Kornbluh on how local governments can better fight anti-Semitism * Documentarian Max Lewkowicz pinpoints where hit show 'Fiddler' gets its magic

LISTEN: TOI reporters on the past decade — and its impact on our future

From the environment to Iran, attacks on US Jews to Israel's cutting-edge tech scene, correspondents speak about what's unfolded -- and what's in store in the years to come

Launch of Amazon’s Hebrew storefront offers American expats a taste of home

The ability to obtain products they otherwise couldn't get, at a discount compared to local goods, is causing US immigrants to change their buying habits -- and the Israeli market

LISTEN: Jews are a religion and a people — until the NYT claims Trump thinks so

ToI's analyst Haviv Rettig Gur talks about the long-term push-pull relationship between American Jews and Jewish Peoplehood in light of US President Trump's new executive order

Mail disorder: Amazon is shipping to Israel free, but Israel Post can’t keep up

Israelis have rushed to take advantage of Amazon's introductory free delivery offer over the past 6 weeks. Trouble is, the local postal service is proving unable to handle the pace

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