Vehi sheamda

A Passover message from the chief rabbi of South Africa

This Pesach video message, featuring the inspiring music of Yaakov Shwekey and fascinating film footage, shows the miraculous sweep of Jewish destiny from ancient Egypt to nuclear Iran, all connected to the immortal words of the Pesach Haggadah – “Vehi sheamda.”

Too often we get entangled in the pain and complexity of daily events as they unfold at a fast pace; we get pulled into the vortex of a particular situation’s intensity to the point where we are unable to see the larger picture. This video gives the opportunity to step back for a moment and to feel the inspiration of the incredible modern-day miracles that characterise so much of our history, which is actually one of the most powerful and uplifting stories of human civilisation.

And because we have been born into it and are so familiar and intertwined with it, we sometimes miss the magic of it all. It is so refreshing and exciting to see the bigger picture, and to experience the power of the miracles of our history, and through this to reclaim our clarity of purpose and sense of destiny.

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