Your supercomputer@home (or office)

Xoreax’s IncrediBuild-XGE lets you build a super-fast, super-efficient computer, right out of the box

Virtualized computing environments, in which you use multiple computers on a network or in the cloud to create an anytime, anywhere available computing environment, have become the norm today. They are a lot cheaper and more efficient than buying and maintaining servers powerful enough to handle peak computing needs for the short periods systems are working at their maximum, with most of their computing power idle for the rest of the day. With virtual computing, you use the capacity you need, and let someone else use it for their virtual system when you’re offline.

But there’s another approach to virtualization, and it’s taken by Israeli acceleration technology developer Xoreax, which builds a virtual network not for a computing environment but for specific processes. Xoreax’s IncrediBuild-XGE harnesses underutilized processing power in private and public cloud environments to allow users to build a big, strong network to crunch big data.

It’s the same idea as the BOINC (The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) type programs like Seti@Home, which uses idle processing power of members of its network to analyze radio signals from outer space, in the hope of finding intelligent life out there. Seti@Home is one of dozens of similar networks that use home computers to analyze everything from analyzing scientific data to analyzing mathematical problems to finding a cure for cancer.

The difference is that Xoreax’s system is a lot faster than the BOINCs — fast enough to qualify as a virtual supercomputer. Instead of virtualizing an entire machine, process virtualization virtualizes a single process on a remote machine on demand, executing many such processes in parallel on remote CPUs and GPUs. The result — virtual systems that leave ordinary computers in the dust, operating 30 times or more faster.

The IncrediBuild-XGE system harnesses idle CPU cycles in the local network and public cloud (using servers from Amazon. Google, and other clouds), and distributing applications’ computational-intensive processes for parallel processing. “Organizations don’t realize they are sitting on a supercomputer,” said Eyal Maor, Xoreax CEO. “Process virtualization allows them to leverage their unused or underused processors across the entire network, creating HPC without purchasing a single piece of additional hardware.”

Although not one of the more well-known Israeli tech companies, Xoreax is one of the most influential in the data world, with more than 100,000 users at over 2,000 companies and organizations, including 20 Fortune 100 companies, using the company’s products. Among the company’s customers are eBay, RadVision, Tecnomatix, and many other large companies. Many of these companies run applications “that require heavy duty processing,” said Maor. “With IncrediBuild-XGE you can achieve faster performance by creating your own ‘virtual supercomputer’ with resources you already have.”

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