While Iran is roiled by sanctions, a plummeting currency and intrigue surrounding its nuclear program, at least the children of the Islamic Republic can now distract themselves by laying virtual waste to the first Hebrew city.

A new video game unveiled in Tehran Saturday depicts Tel Aviv as the center of “events,” according to an ominous report in the country’s semi-official Fars news outlet, though it gives no clue as to what type of events those might be.

Given the country’s history of mutual belligerence with Israel, however, its safe to say “The Age of Might” likely does not involve saving princesses, racing go-karts or flinging furious fowl.

In December, a number of programmers from the country said they would develop a game called “Attack on Tel Aviv” in response to an installment of the popular American “Battlefield” video game franchise that depicted a US assault on Tehran.

It is not clear whether the two games are linked.