Approximately 150 employees at Tnuva, Israel’s largest dairy producer, launched a 24-hour strike at 12 a.m. Thursday as a warning to management in their ongoing wage dispute. The strike was announced on Wednesday night.

Tnuva’s management released a statement saying that due to the strike Tnuva will be halting milk production at its plant in Rehovot and additional lines in Alon Tavor. Tnuva apologized to the public for the inconvenience and called on the workers not to take steps that harm themselves, the company and consumers.

Union chairman Ahiav Simhi called on Wednesday for the company to respect its workers’ demands.

“The employees of Tnuva give a lot of themselves to the company and constantly declare how important the company is to them,” he said. “We produce the profits and we should get the respect that we deserve as dedicated employees.”