Those We Have Lost

Dvir Karp, 46, Stav Kimchi, 35: Murdered trying to protect kids

Killed in their home by Hamas terrorists in Kibbutz Reim, October 7

Dvir Karp and Stav Kimhi (Courtesy)
Dvir Karp and Stav Kimhi (Courtesy)

Dvir Karp, 46, and his girlfriend Stav Kimhi, 35, were murdered by Hamas terrorists in his home in Kibbutz Re’im on October 7.

Karp and Kimhi were protecting Karp’s children, Daria and Lavi, when they were slaughtered.

The kids survived, and the terrorists wrote in lipstick on the wall of their home: “Al-Qassam doesn’t kill children.”

At 8:16 a.m. on that Saturday, Dvir texted his ex-wife Reut about the Hamas rampage through the kibbutz: “There’s heavy gunfire in the kibbutz.” She responded: “Gunshots? Inside the kibbutz?” He replied: “Yes, that’s what it sounds like.”

Less than 10 minutes later, at 8:24 a.m., 10 year-old Daria took over her father’s phone: “Mom it’s Daria. Dad’s been murdered. Stav too. Help.”

Daria and Lavi were rescued after 9 hours in the safe room, and 24 hours after the nightmare began they were finally reunited with their mother.

Reut told the La’Isha magazine that Daria told her “that her father tried to attack the terrorists with an axe to try and protect her and her brother, but the terrorists killed him and also his girlfriend, Stav, who also tried to protect them.”

Dvir, a chocolatier with his own chocolate shop and cafe in the nearby Kibbutz Magen, was recalled as a lifetime chocolate devotee and a well-known character in the region.

Dvir’s friend, Avi Dabush, remembered him on Facebook as a “gifted chocolatier who lit up the region” with his cafe. “He was also uniquely funny and very caring and connected. A very well-known and beloved figure in the region.”

Kimhi worked at a gym in the Eshkol region, which memorialized her as a sunny and beloved employee.

“How can it be that such a pure person ended their life in such a cruel way,” the company wrote in a Facebook post. “There’s no doubt you left your mark here, you were beloved by everyone with no exception, from the young kids who came straight from school to the longtime members whom you loved to spend time with and give your wisdom.”

They said she was particularly kind to their elderly members, “with patience and respect, whether it was a hug or a conversation, dear Stav was there.”

Yuval Abramovitz wrote on Facebook that every meeting with Dvir “always included devouring a high-quality chocolate he made himself.”

“Dvir, thanks for all the chocolates, the chips and the sweet potatoes as well as the updates on the latest books you read about World War II. Tragically you too became a war hero.”

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