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Liam Bor Galon, 26: Massage therapist helped others till the end

Murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Liam Bor Galon (Facebook)
Liam Bor Galon (Facebook)

Liam Bor Galon, 26, was murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

At 8:23 am that Saturday, Liam and his friends fled the shooting and took shelter in a guard station at the festival. Photos circulated showing him applying a tourniquet at the station to a wounded woman to help stop her bleeding. At 8:46 am, he texted his brother that he was wounded and needed help. It was the last time his family heard from Liam, and on October 10 they were informed that his body had been found.

On October 10, Noa Schechter, a fellow student from a massage course at Reidman College in Tel Aviv, wrote of the man whom she had only met three months earlier, but who had already found a place in her heart.

“Your smile, your approach, you wanted so much to help and treat people. You only wanted to learn about the body and soul so that you could spread goodness and healing to the world!” she wrote. “And you did that up until the final moments of your life when you could be seen treating someone and stopping her bleeding — our champion.”

Liam grew up in Dimona, where he was buried in a funeral on October 10.

Dimona Mayor Beni Biton wrote on Instagram that Liam’s friends, family members, and loved ones spoke of “a young man with a giant heart, one who was always smiling and loved people.”

Biton described Liam, who attended Lehman High School in Dimona, as a bright, happy student who was always surrounded by friends. Biton said that “during the accursed terror attack, he helped and treated wounded people and helped evacuate other people until his last moments. A real hero.”

In January, more than three months after Liam was found, his brother Elay wrote on Facebook that Liam “was my entire world.” He spoke of a brother who held the keys to his soul, the one who would listen to him and calm his every worry.

Liam was “my wall, the password that locks all the notes that I don’t want anyone to see. The person I spoke to who understood the depths of the abyss of my soul, the one who made me certain that I hadn’t lost my mind, that I’m okay, that what I said was okay.”

He wrote of a longing for his brother that is no longer constantly burning but rather is felt from time to time, in pleasing, soothing and harmonious notes. He also wrote of the rain pouring outside and how he no longer has his “umbrella,” Liam.

Two days later, on the evening of January 14, a memorial event was held for Liam at the Collabo coworking space in Tel Aviv. The event included a memorial service followed by a musical performance, a fire-and-light show, and finally, a party from 10 pm to 1 am in honor of Liam.

Organizers said the event would feature “some of the worlds that Liam loved, from the world of therapy to poi (performance art), anime, tattoos, and more.”

They added that “Liam would have wanted us to come together, to be there for one another, to get to know the people who were part of his life journey. That is why at 10 pm the Collabo will turn into a dance party, joined by our one and only angel, Liami.”

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