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Noam Shallom, 25: Social media manager who urged ‘self love’

Murdered at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Noam Shallom (Courtesy)
Noam Shallom (Courtesy)

Noam Shallom, 25, from Pardes Hanna, was murdered by Hamas at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

She attended the rave with her friend Bar Tomer who was also slain that day. Loved ones said she was last heard from shortly after 9 a.m., when she said she and others were hiding from terrorists amid heavy gunfire.

Noam was missing for more than a week before her body was identified and her family was informed of her death. She was buried on October 15 in Ein Iron.

She is survived by her parents, Tomer and Hadas, and her three younger siblings, Gal, Libi and Koren.

Noam grew up in Pardes Hanna and was living in Tel Aviv, working as a social media manager for two online fashion brands.

Ronit Yam, the jewelry designer whose social media she ran, wrote on their Instagram that Noam “was good. You were too good.”

Noam became part of the family, they wrote. “You took Ronit Yam and Sensea and launched them so far and so strong — we were exhausted and we couldn’t keep up. You sent us all into a crazy turbo work mode, every project was another stage and another step,” the company recounted.

“You brought us pride in who you are, a whirlwind, perfectionist, a true girl of nature, and you are ours and you will always be ours and a part of us forever.”

In her memory, her loved ones launched an Instagram page titled “Self love club,” continuing her own initiative to urge her followers to find inner peace, and in her own words “Make sure you are happy in real life, not just in social media.”

Her cousin, Aya Shallom, wrote on social media a week after her funeral that the pair were more like sisters than cousins.

“You’re not like my sister, you’re my sister, in my heart. They took a piece of my heart,” she wrote. “Amid all this pain, I promise you that I will walk in your path, I will listen to beautiful and happy music and dance exactly how you danced, exactly how we danced. I will love and I will be loved, just like you, like us.”

When they were younger, Aya wrote, “We planned to find two hot brothers, one for me and one for you, and marry them, and have kids together and help each other with everything. In time we realized that our plans were different and reality was different — but I didn’t think it would be this much. I will miss you every day in every moment. You will always be in my heart.”

Her brother, Gal, wrote on Instagram to “Noam, Noami, my big sister, ray of sunshine.”

“The most beautiful girl I know, the strongest woman I ever met,” he wrote. “You were taken from us too soon, you slipped from between our fingers before we could notice and you left a huge hole in our hearts, a hole that will never be filled.”

“You walked among us for 25 years, like a beautiful angel, full of light, joy and endless love. A guardian angel who knows how to hug when sad and lift up when we fall, an angel who knows how to celebrate life… You taught me to be strong, you taught me not to give up on what I love and who I love, you taught me what true friendship is, you were my role model… Thank you for leaving me in the dust in every area of life and pushing me to improve.”

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