Pro-Palestinian group ‘evicts’ Jewish students

Sun-Sentinel reports Florida Atlantic University approved protest, which left students intimidated

Fake eviction notices were taped last weekend to the doors of more than 200 students in three dormitory complexes at Florida Atlantic University, the Sun-Sentinel has reported.

The notices were posted by the university’s Students for Justice in Palestine and meant to evoke feelings in students similar to those experienced by Palestinians who are evicted from their homes by the Israeli government.

Some Jewish students were left feeling intimidated, according to the report, and it appears that the university approved the posting of the eviction fliers. The protesters said they had approval from the Housing and Residential Life Department and were escorted by a member of its staff while posting the fliers on Friday night, which was the first night of the Passover holiday.

The Sun-Sentinel also reported that the fliers violated university policy and were removed,and that Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Charles Brown said, “Free speech is good for everyone, but this is a bit intimidating,” said FAU student Jackie Klein, 20. “They should be able to promote their views, but in a respectful way.”

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