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Asaf Edberg, 23: Carefree surfer lived ‘as if there is no tomorrow’

Murdered by Hamas at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Asaf Edberg (Credit: Facebook).
Asaf Edberg (Credit: Facebook).

Asaf Edberg, 23, from Hadera, was murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

He attended the festival with his girlfriend, Stav Barazani, who was also killed during the massacre.

The two fled together and were eventually forced to hide in a police station, where they were subsequently found and killed.

They were both considered missing for several days before Barazani’s body was found. One week later, on October 19, Edberg’s body was found, and he was buried in the Hadera New Cemetery that afternoon.

He is survived by his parents, Beranika and Amit, siblings Maya and Itai, and stepbrother Adi Avraham.

Edberg worked as a cook in the IDF during his mandatory service, which is where he met his girlfriend. The two moved in together in Hadera after they finished the army.

העיר חדרה מתאבלת על רציחתו של בן העיר, אסף מרדכי אדברג ז"ל, בידי בני עוולה בטבח הנורא ברעים. אסף, בן 23, הותיר אחריו…

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“They planned to get married,” Barazani’s mother Sara told Israeli news outlet Ynet.

“They had such a happy relationship.”

Edberg worked in a restaurant at the nearby Manao Neurim beach, which allowed him to spend hours of his free time surfing and enjoying himself by the beach.

Above all else, Edberg loved the sea and was an avid surfer. He taught Barazani how to surf and shortly before they were killed, the two took a trip together to surf on the beaches of Sri Lanka.

“I’ll never forget [going to] the ocean with you,” wrote one friend, Amit Shukrun, on Instagram.

“Forty surfers would paddle toward a wave, and you would come from the side, stealing it from everyone with a smile. It was so hard to be angry with you because you made every situation funny.”

אסף מרדכי אדברג, בן 23, מחדרה ובת זוגו סתיו ברנזי, בת 23, מהיישוב הקהילתי גן נר, נרצחו במסיבה ברעים. "קיווינו לנס",…

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Friends and family marked 30 days from Edberg’s burial by hosting a beach party at Manao Neurim, encouraging people to bring their surfboards. Dozens of people paddled out to form a large circle of surfers in Edberg’s memory.

Attendees also signed a memorial surfboard at the party, which now hangs in the restaurant where Edberg used to work.

According to his loved ones, Edberg lived in the present and strove to enjoy each moment of his life to the fullest. His personal motto was “live in the moment, as if there is no tomorrow.”

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