German court renews case against Holocaust-denying bishop

A legal technicality last year allowed Richard Williamson to escape punishment for televised ‘gas chambers’ claim

BERLIN (AP) — A German court is making a fresh attempt to punish a British ultraconservative Catholic bishop for denying the Holocaust in a television interview.

The regional court in the southern city of Regensburg has issued an order of punishment against Richard Williamson after an earlier conviction was overturned on a legal technicality last year.

Court spokesman Thomas Rauscher said Thursday that if Williamson accepts the order of punishment, he will be required to pay an unspecified fine. If he objects, the case will go to trial again.

The 72-year-old Williamson told a Swedish TV station in 2008 that he did not believe Jewswere killed in gas chambers during World War II. Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany.

Williamson is a member of the ultraconservative Society of St. Pius X.

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