Hezbollah airs new footage from 2006 attack that triggered Second Lebanon War

Video shows deadly bombing of IDF patrol vehicle, subsequent escape; Lebanese media claims army uncovered Israeli spying device near border

Hezbollah gunmen converge on a stricken IDF Humvee during July 2006 attack (YouTube screenshot)
Hezbollah gunmen converge on a stricken IDF Humvee during July 2006 attack (YouTube screenshot)

Hezbollah on Friday aired new footage from the 2006 border attack on Israeli soldiers that sparked the Second Lebanon War.

The footage uploaded to a Twitter account associated with the terror group appears to show the moments after Hezbollah operatives shot and killed Israeli troops patrolling along the border with Lebanon.

The grainy video clip shows an Israel Defense Forces Humvee following the attack that killed three soldiers in July 2006.

Two bodies appear to be lying to the vehicle’s right as Hezbollah men are seen running away from the car. A bomb then goes off inside the vehicle.

The video then goes on to show footage that appears to depict the terrorists fleeing the scene of the attack, both on foot and by car.

It was not immediately clear what prompted the video’s release.

Hezbollah has broadcast footage from the attack in the past.

In 2016 al-Mayadeen, a television channel affiliated with the Shiite organization, aired a three-episode documentary series commemorating the war’s 10-year anniversary. It included footage of Hezbollah fighters training for the attack.

Hezbollah also released videos in 2007 and 2012, including footage from the attack and audio from the IDF’s communications that day. The video released in 2012 included the part of the raid in which Hezbollah fighters opened fire on the IDF Humvee and crossed the border into Israeli territory. The clip ended right as the Hezbollah commandos reach the ruined vehicle.

The attack and subsequent abduction of the bodies of soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev led to hostilities that developed into the Second Lebanon War.

The 34-day war, which saw thousands of Hezbollah rockets pummeling northern towns, claimed the lives of 165 Israelis, including 44 civilians. Over 1,100 Lebanese, including both Hezbollah fighters and civilians, were killed.

Meanwhile Friday Al-Manar TV, also affiliated with Hezbollah, reported that Lebanese army forces uncovered an Israeli spying device in Lebanese territory, near Kafr Shuba not far from the Israeli border. There have been various such claims from Lebanon in the past, though Israel habitually does not comment.

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