The other kind of pinkwashing
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The other kind of pinkwashing

Mindy Meyer, a 22-year-old Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, gets inspired by ‘Legally Blonde’ for statehouse bid

Mindy Meyer (photo credit: courtesy,
Mindy Meyer (photo credit: courtesy,

Red and blue bunting is so 20th century. A new contender for the New York statehouse thinks pink is the way to go. Lots of pink. And glitter, too.

A self-proclaimed Diva of the District, Mindy Meyer, a 22-year-old Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, is making a run for State Senate in New York. Aside from fighting fashion faux pas, Meyer is intent on battling corruption — with a touch of glitz.

Meyer’s website, which touts her as the first “young woman in the history of New York” to run for New York State Senate, is decked in a bright neon-pink background. Her theme song, which plays automatically in the background, is the pop hit by LMFAO, “I’m sexy and I know it.” In Meyer’s case, “I’m Senator and I know it” flashes across the top of the page, in glittering, diamond-studded letters that would make Liberace blush.

Mindy Meyer (photo credit: courtesy,
Mindy Meyer (photo credit: courtesy,

Never mind that Meyer is running on Conservative Party and Republican Party lines — she’s a stylish diva who says she intends to utilize her “religious values and moral compass” to fight corruption.

Oh, and her inspiration for the historic run?  The movie “Legally Blonde,” about a ditz who gets through law school to win back her beau.

“I can tell you one thing, I have no experience in corruption,” Meyer writes on her page. “This is how politics has to change. There is always corruption, but I have the intention to follow my values and ensure that none of what happens in my district is corrupt.”

Her core issues are stop and frisk (which is a good policy, she says, when used reasonably), school vouchers (Mindy will “vouch for vouchers!”), fighting crime and unemployment, and abortion (women have the right to determine what happens to their bodies, she says).

“We endorsed her,” said Jerry Kassar, chairman of Brooklyn’s Conservative Party, quoted on her webpage. “We filed her petitions on the conservative party line and we anticipate her being a strong candidate. We were very excited after we met with her and I say she will be formidable and a strong contender. She has a maturity and an ability well beyond her years.”

The area Meyer is looking to represent is home to large groups of ultra-Orthodox Jews, Italians, African Americans, and immigrants from Southeast Asia and Carribean countries, notably Haiti.

The elections for New York State Senate will be held November 6; a total of 63 seats are up for grabs.


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