A look at how the Beersheba attack unfolded

Here is the police’s timeline of the attack in Beersheba:

At 4:10 p.m. the suspect stabbed a woman at a gas station on Hebron Road in the city. He then continued by car to a shopping center where he ran over a bike-rider, and then went to another shopping center across the street.

There, he got out of his car and ran toward a man and woman, stabbing them.

The attacker was then shot by a passerby, police say.

Video shows the assailant being shot as he lunges at a bus driver aiming a gun at him. A second person with a gun can be seen approaching the scene.

“We heard a car hit something, like another car, and then we saw someone get out and start running with a knife, and then stabbing people,” an eyewitness tells Kan news.

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