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Benny Genish, 70: Retired electrician was the ‘backbone of the family’

Murdered by Hamas terrorists at Zikim Beach at October 7

Benny Genish (Courtesy)
Benny Genish (Courtesy)

Benny Genish, 70, from Ashkelon, was murdered by Hamas terrorists on the Zikim Beach on October 7.

A retired electrician, Genish set out early that Saturday morning to go fishing on the coast with his good friend, Danil Kimenfeld. His body was only discovered and identified close to 10 days later. He was buried in Ashkelon on October 17.

He is survived by his son, Yosi, and four grandchildren, and his siblings Yoram, Gideon and Esther. His wife, Leah, died in 2022, and he is also predeceased by his brothers Victor and Herzl.

According to a eulogy on an Ashkelon memorial site, he opened his own electrician company 40 years ago, and worked in homes and businesses throughout the city.

“Those who knew him spoke of a generous man, who always felt the need to help out, to give professional advice, to guide and support,” the eulogy reads. He was known around Ashkelon for loving soccer and for regular fishing trips with his friends at the Zikim Beach, where he was ultimately slain. In his final moments, he called his son and said “Yosi, take care of [his wife] Cheli and the kids,” the eulogy said.

His four grandchildren, it added, “were Benny’s whole world, and he was their anchor.”

His niece, Einav Genish, wrote that on her way to his funeral, “I saw a cloud in the shape of a heart and I smiled. I told everyone that it was probably a sign that you are calm now. That you are saying goodbye in peace.”

“Our Benny, you were so loved by humanity, you opened your heart and your home to everyone,” Einav added. “You were an inspiration to us, the backbone of the family. With your endless support of your family members and your devoted care of Leah you taught us what unending devotion is… with your captivating smile you lit up everywhere you went, you loved life and more than anything you loved Leah, Yosi, Cheli and the grandchildren.”

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