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Avraham Tyberg, 24: Law student ‘wanted to make a difference’

Murdered at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Avraham Tyberg (Courtesy)
Avraham Tyberg (Courtesy)

Avraham Gilad Tyberg, 24, from Petah Tikva, was murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

He is survived by his parents, Benny and Liat, his three siblings, Nadav, Mimi and Yehonatan, and his grandfather, Moshe Sukenik. He was buried on October 15 in Petah Tikva.

He attended the rave with his close friend, Gili Adar, who was also slain.

After high school in Givat Shmuel, Tyberg attended a pre-army academy for two years, before enlisting in the Golani Brigade, eventually becoming a commander and later training with the Alpinist Unit. After his release, he spent time in Panama volunteering with “Fighters Without Borders” and traveling around South America, his family said, before returning to Israel and working in Tel Aviv with at-risk youth.

Tiberg was slated to begin law studies at Tel Aviv University just days after his murder. He had just moved into a new apartment, bought a new computer and was partying for one last weekend before classes began.

His friend, Dael Hacohen, described him on social media as “my friend, my brother, my comrade, family.”

“I can’t believe that you’re gone, you were a friend who was a listening ear, one who really understood me,” he wrote. “You were always smiling, full of joy, an idealist — you wanted to educate and to make a difference in the next generation of Golani… Later during your travels, you found a way to give back from yourself through Fighters Without Borders. I remember that when you came back from your trip we spoke all the time that we had to meet up and go to the beach together — and it never happened. I love you my brother, and I can’t believe we won’t see each other again.”

Writing in Israel Hayom, his sister, Mimi Tyberg, recalled his recent return from traveling abroad: “I didn’t understand how much I missed you — I saw you and I started crying from the emotion.”

“Everywhere you went you touched people and left your mark,” she wrote. “I loved listening to you speak and talk about your experiences with such excitement. I wish I had your bravery, I was so jealous of you, that you had everything — the most handsome in the family, smart, social, generous, calm and a cook. I admired you the way a little sister admires her big brother.”

Mimi wrote, “I always said we were best friends, the person I seek advice from, argue with, but ultimately worry about the most. I would worry about you so much until you would get annoyed and say, ‘What, are you my mother?’ I guess from now on I’ll worry about you from down here and you about me from up there forever.”

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