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First Sgt. Sharon Leibovich, 42: Police officer loved a good joke

Killed battling Hamas terrorists at the Supernova desert rave on October 7

Sgt. Sharon Leibovich (Courtesy).
Sgt. Sharon Leibovich (Courtesy).

First Sgt. Sharon Leibovich, 42, from Avshalom, a traffic patrolman with the Israel Police in Ofakim, was killed on October 7 while battling Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival near Kibbutz Re’im.

Leibovich was working as a security guard for the festival and was among the first to respond when Hamas terrorists invaded southern Israel. A partygoer recorded a video while escaping from his car in which Leibovich is seen with a few other security team members, getting ready to engage the Hamas terrorists driving up the road. Leibovich’s family used that video to try and locate him in the week after October 7, during which he was considered missing.

On October 14, his body was identified, and he was buried the following day in the Avshalom cemetery. Israeli media outlets reported that he saved many lives in Re’im before he was killed.

Leibovich is survived by his mother, Hana, his two brothers, Yaron and Gil, his wife, Sivan, and their four children.

Loved ones wrote on social media that he loved a joke and always had something funny to say.

“You were very cute but so annoying!” wrote Leibovich’s sister-in-law, Gabriela Cohen, on Facebook. “All our inside jokes — there won’t be any more.”

“You were a hero in life, and you remain a hero in death,” wrote his wife, Sivan. “My love, how do I continue without you?”

“Who would have thought that the day would come when I would bury my little brother?” wrote Yaron Leibovich. “Seven years younger than me, you became a police officer, a traffic cop giving out tickets. Why would you be on the front lines?”

“We [buried] you close to home,” he added, “so light up a cigarette and get some coffee and come visit.”

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