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Danil Kimenfeld, 64: Doting grandfather, ‘anchor of the family’

Killed by Hamas terrorists while on a fishing trip at the Zikim beach on October 7

Danil Kimenfeld (Facebook).
Danil Kimenfeld (Facebook).

Danil Kimenfeld, 64, from Ashkelon, was killed by Hamas terrorists on the beach in Zikim on October 7.

He is survived by his wife, Isabella, his sons Igor and Ilan, and two grandchildren, Alex and Lily.

Kimenfeld moved to Israel from his native Moldova in 1991 along with his wife and eldest son, according to a family post on a local memorial website.

He made his career in manual labor and diligently worked to become a construction site manager. He loved his work and even built a home for his son, Ilan.

“Everyone who met him [could see] how wonderful and talented he was,” his family wrote. He was always ready to help a friend or neighbor who needed home repairs. Even on vacation visiting his son Igor and two beloved grandchildren in New Jersey, Kimenfeld devoted time to renovating their home.

Kimenfeld loved fishing, and on the morning of the Hamas invasion, he was at the Zikim beach with his friend Benny Genish for a short fishing trip.

He called Ilan to tell him that he was finding shelter, and then all communication was cut off.

Danil Kimenfeld (Courtesy).

For several days, the only trace of Kimenfeld his family could find was his empty, parked car in Zikim, which was riddled with bullets. Igor flew in from New Jersey to aid in the search but to little avail.

Nearly two weeks passed before local rescue services located and identified Kimenfeld’s body — he was killed inside a nearby bomb shelter.

Kimenfeld was buried on October 19 at the Givat Tzion Cemetery in Ashkelon.

“Danil never missed a Saturday morning fishing trip,” Israel’s Army Radio wrote of Kimenfeld in a post on X. “He looked forward to the delicious food his wife would make with the fresh fish.”

Kimenfeld’s family wrote that he was preparing to retire soon and was looking forward to a long trip to New Jersey to visit his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

“I admire everything about him he is very easy person to love, he was funny, he is super social,” Igor said of his father in an interview with CNN before Kimenfeld’s body was found.

“He was the anchor not only to our family but to the whole distant family,” said Igor.

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