Those We Have Lost

Yaniv Sarudi, 26: Brought others to safety after shot twice

Murdered by Hamas at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Yaniv Sarudi (Courtesy)
Yaniv Sarudi (Courtesy)

Yaniv Sarudi, 26, of Ashdod, was working at the Supernova music festival with friends when Hamas terrorists attacked on October 7.

Eyewitnesses recounted that he grabbed a weapon from one of the attackers and started shooting back before jumping into his vehicle with his girlfriend, Sivan, collecting eight other people along the way and driving as fast as possible.

Sarudi tried to drive to a nearby IDF base before realizing that it had been taken over by Hamas. He kept driving until he reached safety, even after he was shot twice by terrorists.

Sarudi ultimately died of his wounds, but the nine people he collected survived, including his girlfriend.

His mother, Leah, eulogized him at his funeral in Ashdod on Tuesday.

“Our hero! You exhibited bravery against terrorists who showed up in masses, you fought, and instead of fleeing to save yourself, you collected your beloved Sivan and another eight people and you flew,” she said, according to a city news site. “You got them to a safe place and you paid the ultimate price.”

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