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Sgt. Dvir Lisha, 21: Born in Gush Katif, killed near Gaza

Killed battling Hamas terrorists in southern Israel on October 7

Cpl. Dvir Lisha who was killed by Hamas on October 7, 2023. (IDF)
Cpl. Dvir Lisha who was killed by Hamas on October 7, 2023. (IDF)

Sgt. Dvir Lisha, 21, a Golani soldier from Nitzan, was killed on October 7 while fighting Hamas terrorists along the Zikim Beach.

Lisha, who was born in the Neve Dekalim settlement of Gush Katif before the Gaza disengagement, was buried at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem on October 8.

He is survived by his parents, Nava and Nissan, and his seven siblings: Shira, Ora, Meir, Talia, David, Yehuda and Yisrael.

Dvir had trouble finding his place in school, his family said, suffering from ADHD and struggling to focus. He ultimately settled in Yeshivat Oz V’Emuna in south Tel Aviv, where he also got to know many of the elderly residents and volunteered to help many of them with their needs.

“When you were 3 [years old], we were uprooted from Neve Dekalim in Gush Katif,” his mother, Nava, recalled at his funeral. “It is not a coincidence that you fell so close to there.”

“From the pains of this war, we will be reborn anew as a nation,” said Nava.

His friend, Mordechai Bar Shilton, wrote in Ynet that Dvir “had a soul that was working all the time for purity and clarity.”

He met Dvir in high school “and our paths never parted again. We did nonsense and we grew up. We experienced difficulties and we dealt with them. We spoke, shared, moved on. You maintained the rare sense of humor that belonged only to you. You brought with you a smile and a joy that before that I had never encountered.”

From the moment he started studying in south Tel Aviv, “you did not rest for a moment!” wrote Bar Shilton. “Anyone who entered the yeshiva would encounter your smile. You loved that so much. To meet, to speak, to help every guest. You wouldn’t stop until they felt at home… you were always a few steps ahead of everyone. You handed out food at the homes of the needy. You initiated home visits to check that nobody was suffering from cold or hunger.”

Dvir’s father, Nissan Lisha, said in a video memorial that his son “was blessed with talents.”

He knew how to play the piano, the guitar, the harmonica, and even on base “he would teach the guys how to play and he would sing for them.”

Even during his breaks from the army, his father said, Dvir would continue to visit the residents of south Tel Aviv he had met during his time there in yeshiva.

“He had a pure and simple faith,” Nissan said.

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