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Kapshetar family: Murdered on camping trip for son’s 5th birthday

Dina, Evgeny, Ethan and Aline Kapshetar from Dimona were killed as they tried to return home on October 7

The Kapshetar family, Evgeny, Dina, Aline, 8, and Ethan, 5.
The Kapshetar family, Evgeny, Dina, Aline, 8, and Ethan, 5.

The four members of the Kapshetar family from Dimona were all killed on October 7 as they tried to return home on the morning of the Hamas assault on Israel.

Dina, Evgeny, Aline, 8, and Ethan, 5, had spent the Simchat Torah holiday on a camping trip in Park Ashkelon. The following day, Sunday, was to be Ethan’s fifth birthday.

When the terrorists fired a barrage of thousands rockets at Israel at the start of the murderous attack, the family heard the alert siren and decided to pack up their camp and head home.

They managed to call Dina’s father to say they were on their way back but then encountered some of the invading terrorists who shot dead the family.

Initially, only the bodies of Dina, Evgeny and Ethan were identified and buried while relatives waited for news on Aline.

Her body was finally identified the following week.

Aline Kapshetar.

“It is just terrible. We can’t absorb that an entire family was wiped out,” Dina’s cousin Beata Dakhtriev told the Walla outlet.

Beate said the parents had wanted to do something special for the children who were fond of hiking in nature.

Family friend Ella said “Eitan was a fantastic boy. Always smiling, and loved his kindergarten and friends. It is a terrible tragedy.”

The Kapshetar family, Evgeny, Dina, Aline 8, and Ethan, 5. (courtesy)

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