In Asia, thousands attend pro-Palestinian rallies

Thousands of protesters from Australia to India rally to voice their support for Palestinians on Sunday.

In Sydney an estimated 3,000 people demonstrate outside the city’s Town Hall to condemn the military offensive, shouting “Free, free Palestine; free, free Gaza” and holding signs declaring “Shame Israel Shame.”

“Israel is targeting the civilians of Gaza with these bombings, and that is shameful and that is what we condemn,” Greens party senator Lee Rhiannon tells the crowd.

In Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, about 500 people march in the capital Jakarta shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) and carrying Palestinian flags and posters of children killed in the offensive.

“This is a show of solidarity for our Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza who are being oppressed by Israeli occupiers. We Indonesian Muslims share their suffering and pain,” activist Adityo Nugroho tells AFP.

In Hong Kong organizers of a pro-Palestinian rally say about 300 people, mostly from the city’s Muslim community, took part.

Some hold up banners depicting the Israeli flag with the star of David replaced by a swastika, as protesters march through the streets in the sweltering heat.

“We came to support our sisters and brothers in Gaza and our request is that they stop the killing of innocent children, women and men in Gaza,” 21-year-old restaurant manager Kashi Anjum tells AFP.

In the Indian capital New Delhi about 100 protesters, mainly students, gather outside Israel’s embassy carrying placards stating “We are with you Gaza” and “Say no to Zionist genocide.”

Protests were also held in Tokyo and Malaysia on Friday.


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